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Tutor Hunt

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by sallysparrow, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. I registered with several internet agencies last summer and have now got as many students as i can manage. I have put my profile to inactive to all agencies except Tutor Hunt.
    Tutor Hunt doesn't have an inactive status available. I have deleted my profile according to the site but i am still getting emails from parents asking me to tutor and from the site itself telling me how many people have expressed an interest in me.
    I have contacted the site to tell them my problem ie that i can't stop my profile being viewed - they have sent me details of how to delete my profile - yes i can follow the instructions on the site - they just don't work [​IMG]
    I am now ignoring the contact because i am fed up with trying to put it right.
    Does anyone else have this problem?
  2. Exhausticated

    Exhausticated New commenter

    Can't help with that at all, and sorry for hijacking, but which internet agencies do you recommend? I'm just about to start trying to start a small business as a private tutor and other than local adverts, I'm not really sure where to start getting students!

  3. To be fair Turor Hunt have found me quite a few students it's just annoying that they are clogging up my in box when i don't have any more slots available.
    I have also had quite a few student from Search tutor. In the past i have been successful with tutors uk but not so much recently
    Tutors 4 me were good but have been taken over by child care and i haven't had any thing from them since.
    Good luck
  4. Not sure if you've worked this out yet, but I found that if I went to Privacy under my account and changed everything to No, a little link came up asking me to delete my account. That tends to stop emails from potential students.

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