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Tutor group games / team building / random fun stuff

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by miss_citizenship, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Hi - I have a background in 'team building' so hopefully this will be helpful...

    The 'web' game.

    You need:

    String (lots of it)
    Furniture or trees if outside

    Set up:

    Weave a web of string from one solid place to another - much like a spider...

    Make sure you tie the string in between each strand so it can be moved to make smaller or bigger holes later.

    Aim of team building excercise:

    For the whole team to get through the web without waking the spider (the bells can chime up to three times before they are 'caught')

    The team can use any means to get themselves through the web.


    I have found that moving the web after a bell ring not only changes the shape of it (sometimes forcing them physically lift each other over!) but also keeps them from just following each other through.

    Most of my games are more suited to outdoors or in PE but let me know if you'd like more info.

  2. hi - what does bump mean? also - how do you do paragraphs on here?! oh and my email is misscitizenship@googlemail.com (so no underscore...)
  3. Hi

    I have a series of 6 X 20 minute activities that I could email to you. They cover careers and life skills topics. Drop me a line at rebecca@pdceducation.co.uk if you would like me to send them to you.
    Hope they will help!

  4. We had an origami competition....went down well with year 10

  5. that eyemaze game is soooooooooooo addictive!!!!!!!!! and infuriating too!!

    I love it though!

  6. mollycoddles

    mollycoddles New commenter

    I am struggling a little for one or two activities....
    I have a year 7 this year... my first time to start with a year 7 in my career!
    We will do
    monday weekend catch up - chat
    tuesday - silent reading and diary signing
    wednesday - you tube day (kids each get a turn to send me thier link for vetting - much be with me in the form of an email for tuesday 3pm - and show it to the class)
    Thusday - random tasks, quizzes, preparing for our assembly, we might try something similar to your eazymaze, basically whatever I can come up with... or what they would like to do if there are any ideas from them
    Friday - mock the week news / news discussion day... run by teams of two or three each week.
    I don't know if this will help you... but I am certainly still open to suggestions from others.
    Particularly power point quizzes etc.
  7. Hi all, I am constantly trying to come up with new stuff to do. We have vertical tutor groups so I have pupils from all years, 7 right through to 13 and its quite a challenge to keep them all interested in something. Mine are always up for quizes and there are a few good ones already set up for you on Skoolio.com. Nothing too serious, film quizes, guess the year, brainteasers etc.
    Some other good ones I have tried have been simple games like chinese whispers (we did this on an anti bullying week but it was such a success I've used it again.
    Questions to the whole class always work as conversation starters. My best one to date..."tell the rest of the class about something you've done that you think no-one else in this class has done".

  8. Try and check this stacking physics games from iphysicsgames.com, this is also a cool game that you can add up on your tutoring games for kids. This is not only entertaining but a a whole lot educative than any other virtual games.

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