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Turning off from work?!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cattym, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Hi All,
    Just wondered if and how fellow teachers wind down/turn off after a hard day/long week at school? I'm in my 6th year of primary teaching and love it, thrive on it, in fact, but feel I need to learn to wind down a bit!! Any suggestions, please? School is pretty much always on my mind and I worry about tiny things that shouldn't matter. I teach Year 6 and have just got the best results we have EVER got, so I must be doing something right!! I worry that I worry too much.
    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Hi
    I have always found it hard to switch off from school! I recently went on maternity leave and have found myself still doing school work so I am well organised when I retuen to work later this year.
    It's very tough especially when you love and thrive on your job! I am very much the same - I have very high expectations of the children and so have higher expectations of mysself!!!
    I have had made some decisions for when I return to work. I am going to allow myself to work late at home on two nights only! These will be nights my parner has other things on so won't be home and little one must be in bed asleep if I am doing work! As my partner will be working Saturdays I can do some school work on a Saturday morning as well, but the afternoon is time with my baby daughter. I wont do any work on Sundays as my partner will be off work!
    I have set myself up a timetable for marking so that every day I mark some Eng, maths, topic and homework books - that way I will be ontop of it and wont have to worry about catching up with it on a Friday! My PPA time will also be used very wisely when I return to work - no more 'chatting'!!!! I just simply wont have the time to!
    I also have a night out in the week with some friends who are not teachers and they refuse to talk about school stuff with me which is hard but great! My partner and I have a movie night once a week and I am not allowed my laptop on that night at all!!!
    It is so easy to say I am going to do this one thing and then all of a sudden three hours has passed and you are still doing work related stuff that actually insn't necessary or very important! You need to be strict with yourself! Yes it's important to do the best you possibly can but it is also important you have your own time for your interests! Do you have any hobbies? I know I did before I started teaching but found I don't have the time for them any more - but I am planning on taking them up again - we deserve some time for ourselves!!!
    Good luck - I really hope you find a balance and start taking some time for yourself! [​IMG]
  3. How? Who will have the baby? MsDaisyChain- have you had your daughter yet? Just wondering as personally having my baby made my priorities change completely. Re; winding dfown from work; it's hard but you have to be disciplined and train yourself to turn your brain off from work- again, since having my daughter I'm able to do that!
  4. Yes had my daughter in April. She is just amazing!!!! She is still having naps during the day so I intend on using some of her nap time to do a little school work in the beginning! I am lucky as my husband doesn't bring any work home with him so he is happy to do a lot of the housework if I don't manahe to get it done!! [​IMG]
    I know that I will need to manage my time very well when I return to work after Autumn half term. I don't really know how I will do it but I will have to do something!!!! I agree with you Clematis - it is all about being disciplined and training to switch off! My partner says I won't be able to so i intend to prove him wrong![​IMG]

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