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Turn ups for the books

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon4046, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. And maybe they'll give your arm bionic powers. Imagine the possibilities!! Will you use your new powers for good or evil?
  2. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    A few weeks ago, I developed a cyst like lump on my wrist at the base of my right thumb. I worked out it was too much mouse action, so cut down my use of these forums!
    It disappeared.
  3. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    Maybe they will, coffee, but I'm currently trying to clear the next hurdle which is actually making the appointment. The letter says I can do this online, so I've spent an hour checking out which of the two hospitals I've been given gets the most brownie points from it's patients. There isn't a lot in it to be honest, but there's a huge difference between the waiting times before the earlist appointment.
    So I went through the rigmarole of entering all the details... it said wait while we book your appointment, don't close the browser. So I waited, then 10 minutes later it told me it wasn't able to book the appointment but I could do it over the phone.
    "We are exceptionally busy at the moment, you might want to try at another time. Afternoons and weekends are usually less busy." Hmmm, Saturday afternoon at 2.00pm and they tell you this?
  4. Ahhh c'mon, MM, you've got two arms and two hospitals....let one of them practice on your good arm and if they don't f^&*% it up ...let them loose on your bad arm....schimmpuls.

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