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Tuition Career?

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by purelearn, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. I?ve been thinking for sometime about making an online classroom for home tuition. I have been trawling through what?s available online and am shocked by how complicated and unorganised the online classrooms are, as well as the lack of regulation. I can?t believe how much tuition goes on with ?teachers? who are not fully qualified. I have worked hard to become a teacher and these so called ?tutors? have no relevant qualifications or experience to teach these student?s.

    I was hoping to create a platform where students could pay to connect to fully qualified & experienced teachers online, all under relevant security and crb checks etc. What are your views concerning this?

    Would it be something you would be interested in doing? Negative or positive feedback, anything would be very much appreciated, its could potentially be a life changing decision.

    Thank you.
  2. h01y

    h01y New commenter

    I think that sounds like a brilliant idea pure, there are a lot more people home schooling their kids now because they are disillusioned with the education systme in this country (and rightly so). And I haven't been on these forums for a while, it is so refreshing to read somehting positive and someone who is proactive instead of people whinging they can't get jobs etc.
    Good luck with this and I shall be following your progress.
  3. Sounds like a great idea! - please let us know how you get on - I was looking into working for an online 'classroom' a while ago. I would be very interested in hearing if you manage to progress anywhere with this - I would be certainly interested in doing a job like that
  4. h01y

    h01y New commenter

  5. I would be very interested - and also have an IT consultant in the house to evaluate software solutions. Contact me via here. Business/ICT/English offered.
  6. Hello tes community,

    posted nearly two years ago on this forum (and a few other teacher
    communities), trying to get the views and opinions of working teachers
    on the use of an online teaching platform. I'm pleased to announce that
    after a year and a half, and a whole heap of hastle, we're almost there,
    and the system is entering the public testing stage in the next few

    Its a safe real-time online classroom where students can interact and communicate live, with only fully qualified and experienced UK teachers for home tuition, using voice, video and an interactive collaboration whiteboard.

    had an absolute nightmare with computer programmers, trying to create
    the system. Everyone says they can make it, and very little can actually
    come through and deliver.With all of the mistakes we’ve made with
    programmers it has given us the opportunity for some real research and
    development. My initial concept was to make a system where teachers and
    students could connect safely, however I quickly realised that
    credibility and verification was the key to giving it a fair chance of
    success. I have tried to create a system where teachers are valued for
    their skills, qualifications and experience.

    worked closely with a group of fellow teachers and developed the system
    based on real life in-class teaching practices. Where teachers can set
    their own rates and dates, without the need for a registration fee
    (thanks DM - there are times where negative feedback is more valuable)

    just like to let fellow teachers know that there’s something on the
    horizon that they may well be interested in. Considering the home
    tuition industry is valued at over £250 million a year, most of which
    goes to un-qualified teachers.

  7. check out Purelearn.com its finally up and running

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