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Tuff spot - let's build a bank of ideas of what we can put in them.

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by TigerLily, Sep 13, 2005.

  1. I need inspiration for my tuff spot as I feel I underuse this valuable tool.
    Any ideas would be very welcome!
    TL :)
  2. I need inspiration for my tuff spot as I feel I underuse this valuable tool.
    Any ideas would be very welcome!
    TL :)
  3. byjingo

    byjingo New commenter

    Glad you bumped this up, Annie. I used to have it on my favourites but it went west when the new format site came into being and I did not realise it was still there.
  4. I use it in Year 1 constantly. At the moment we are moving ping-pong balls without touching them-leading up to races next week.It is a good place for weighing and measuring activities-how many spoons of sand fill the- ? etc. Seasonal activities,such as filling it with compost, twigs,stones then adding Autumn leaves and plastic insects, work well. They had to find places for the insects to hide, while over the week the Autumn leaves lost colour and gradually changed to compost. In winter I put blocks of ice which had Arctic animals frozen in them, built them into a mountain and covered it in a layer of snow.
  5. When doing dark and light, I put sand, glitter and sequins as a base, then added lots of shiny glittery objects to explore. Afterwards not wanting to 'waste' the glitter, sequins and sand, I gave the children 'treasure boxes' and lots of sieves of varying sizes. they had to fill their treasure box with as much glitter and sequins as possible.
  6. I think I got this list off here.
    Ideas for Tuff Spot<u>Messy Play</u>vocab to match the theme.
  7. Thanks ever so much everyone, some amazing ideas!!

    My children love floating ducks with either numbers or words on a shallow pool of water (with drift wood for added effect) and using little nets (the ones used to catch gold fish) to catch them. Looks lovely outdoors on a sunny day, but also fab as a table top activity all year round!
  8. in our local pound shop got a couple of snowblankets ,lamenta,fake snow and snowball decorations =) to make a fab winter scene with added glitter and snoflake sequins -just waiting for sugar cubes to make an igloo
  9. have just been "advised" by oue partnership teacher not to put any food-lentils,pasta,sugar cubes etc-in tuff spot as ofsted do not like children playing with food ! is this correct ? our children love all of the above =(
  10. I put a bank of ideas together and also did ones for sand and water so I had them to hand. They are in resources.
  11. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    Don't forget pinterest - I've stolen loads of lovely ideas from there.
  12. outdoormaths

    outdoormaths New commenter

    auntymary, you might have to post this as a separate thread to get an answer. Though I've not heard this advice before and we always use lentils, rice and oats in ours.

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