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Tuesday by David Wiesner - Anyone used this before?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by chatty_teacher, Jan 20, 2008.

  1. I would be so grateful if someone could share some resources with me. I left the picture book, 'Tuesday' at school over the holidays and school was closed (Silly me).
    My email is jen97@hotmail.co.uk

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I have only just ordered this book as the plans looked interesting when i went on to the Hamilton site so this thread has been very interesting to follow, thank you.
  3. Hi Nelmar, any chance of you sending your resources for Tuesday to me : helen_s_jones@hotmail.com

    We have Activprimary whiteboards.
    Thank you.
  4. Do you have any resources for Tuesday by D. Wiesner? I want to cover this, as in Hamilton Trust, but Amazon haven't sent the books... the weather! Any help will be great.
  5. Sorry to jump on the bandwagon but i have just started teaching this unit based on Tuesday. i would appreciate any resources people have that i could look at.
  6. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    I'm jumping on the bandwagon too. Any resources / plans would be fantastic! Thank you!

    resources@jembo.me uk
  7. And me too please!
  8. I'm just a PGCE student so I dunno what the Hamilton Trust plans are. But my mentor and class used Tuesday last week.
    The teacher started off giving every table a picture from the book to look at. No context, they just had to look at the clues to try and work out what was going on.
    Then when he had elicited lots of ideas, the teacher revealed the true order of the book and went through it with the kids. Some of their initial ideas had been 'right', some had been way off the mark; by now they understood that this didn't matter.
    The teacher also used hotseating: he modelled this by 'being' the bloke in his pyjamas eating a sandwich, whose window the frogs went past. Then he allowed a child to be the policeman, and another to be the old woman.
    The children were given a choice: write a rich, descriptive piece based on one of the images in the book, or write a story, based on what you have seen.
    I think the children's work was really good but PERSONALLY, I didn't like the book and wouldn't use it myself. But I'm quite funny and sniffy about books. Harry Potter will find NO PLACE on my future bookshelf, for example. Meh.
  9. becksy07

    becksy07 New commenter

    Would really appreciate if someone would send me any IWB resources. Was hoping the books would arrive from Amazon but they are going to take too long as I want to start next week.
    Thanks, my email is rebecca_hambleton@hotmail.co.uk

  10. Hi I teach Y1 and we are using this text as a whole school on world book day. I would love any interactive resources or ideas that people have as im also being observed that day!!!
    Thank you x
  11. Some lovely suggestions on this book on the National Strategies website. Go to 'Literacy Subject Area then click on CPD; the resources can be found under 'Primary Literacy KS2 CPD'.
  12. aspen_1

    aspen_1 New commenter

    Is this the one with the Paul McCartney theme music? Our LA has done masses of training around this book & I have to agree with you lily. Tedious in the extreme.
  13. Hi,
    Just searching for any info on the book Tuesday and came across your posting. You mention using an interactive board. I'm thinking of using the book in the next few weeks. Do you have any files/ images?

  14. Hi,
    Have just seen ur post...am doing 'Tuesday' in new year and wondered if u could send me ur resources? Have some ideas from the CPD is did and have the book. Anything would be very grateful for.
    email calopteryx48@hotmail.co.uk
  15. Hi Nelmar
    I have never used this book before, but am intrigued by the popularity of it. Would you mind sending me any resources that you have please. Thanks so much - in advance

  16. hi i downloaded this unit and bought a few copies of the book. Would really appreciate it if you could also e-mail the resources.
    Many thanks
  17. Hi
    I realise this thread is quite old, but if there are any resources available on Tuesday, I'd be really grateful for a copy. Am happy to share anything I have in return. I teach Y5!
  18. Hi, I'm just about to start using flotsam in my literacy lessons, so I would really apppreciate having a look at your planning. The scanned pictures would come in really handy too!


  19. Hi everyone,
    Just bought several Weisner books including Tuesday, Free Fall and Hurricane. I am hoping to inspire a class of very very very low ability year 3 and 4 pupils. Any resources to support these books would be fantastic. ;0)

    Many Thanks

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