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Tudor music and dance planning

Discussion in 'Primary' started by merlymoo, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. we are going onto a topic based curriculum in September and I'm thinking of Tudor music and dance but can't seem to find anything. Anyone done this and got ideas or plans to share? Have heard LCP do something but dont have access to it!
  2. Hi,

    I know the Val Sabin PE Scheme has a section on Tudor Dance in the Year 6 section.
  3. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    I used to use a tape I had of the York Waits (early music), and taught my kids to do the Pavane. (stepping forwards, backwards and sideways in pairs, I think. They could then make up their own dance steps, then teach them to another pair, then move on to working in eights, if you wanted (it was a long time ago!!) Dead easy. You could also look at pictures of the different instruments (crumhorns spring to mind!!), and teach them to play Greensleeves on the recorder. Easy peasy!!
    The classes I did it with seemed to enjoy it - sorry I have no plans!
    (pretty sure Marlin will ahve good ideas *waves to Marlin*!)
  4. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

  5. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    *Waving furiously back!!* [​IMG]
    Saw your message NGedge just after I had posted mine!

    Back to OP - I also have a book of songs that were written to link in with the Tiudors called Dynasty which I bought back in 1997 - not quite Tudor times - it is still available here:
    PM me if you want more details of it.

  6. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    I downloaded 'harpsichord music' from Tesco which did the trick for me. I made up a dance based on four sets of moves to 8 beats. The children could make their own sets of moves if they are shown some examples.
    Good luck.
  7. Thank you will try and persuade HT to buy the stainer book tomoro. Hes really up for creative curriculum but not for spending money!
  8. Hi, I have just ordered The Oxford Book of Tudor Anthems and have found it very useful for whilst I was teaching tudor music to my class - you should have a look!

  9. I have found a super 'masterclass' clip on teacher tv which I am certainly going to use! Basically, the children listen to a fanfare, explore speech rhythms of simple phrases, then use these to create fanfares within parameters of 3 notes and 4 bar phrase. It's very helpful and even shows you the Whiteboard pages the teacher uses! They create, compose and perform in pairs.

    hope this helps you too!
  10. therunningman

    therunningman New commenter

    Genuine question.

    Is Tudor dance something that is meant to be covered? In year 4 I was supposed to do Tudor dance but after completing the unit once and being bored stiff, the following year (and every year since) I have simply chosen a popular song from the charts that the children really enjoy and cover the objectives. The children enjoy it much more, I enjoy it much more and I feel the reach higher standards because of this.

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