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TTS: Educational supplies - Anyone else had a bad experience?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jacksmith2000, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. We recently ordered some software from TTS and when it arrived we realised we had ordered the wrong version by mistake. (version 1 instead of 2!)
    Within 5 minutes I had rung them to ask if they would exchange it and they flatly refused.
    They were happy to exchange anything else you might send back (resources or equipment) but not the software - when I asked why they were treating me like a criminal they couldn't respond!
    It seems very unreasonable to be treated in this way - now we're stuck with something we didn't want.
    Does anyone know if there is a right of return or should we put this down to a bad experience?
  2. Software can be different because feasibly you can load software onto a computer and then take the disc back for a refund. Game shops stopped taking returns on software that had been opened a while ago and always used to double check with you that you had the right system requirements before you purchased it.

    That said it's not nice and it sounds like they've been rather unpleasant with you. I also would have imagined they would swap it for you as it isn't like you are returning it for a refund. I'd ask to speak to the manager if you haven't already and explain this to them to see what they say. Explain that you felt you were treated unprofessionally by the first person you spoke to and threaten not to do business with them again.
  3. Thanks for your reasoned words.
    After being asked to write to the manager, I did in fact send off an email explaining the issue and as a 'gesture of good will' they have decided to exchange the product.
    So, well done to TTS for having a little common sense in this particular situation, it's a pity that they let it get to this stage before they acted. Perhaps a slight change of policy to a more reasoned approach to their customers would be better.

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