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Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Milliemoo13, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter


    My fiancé and I are ttc steering this month. My period is due 30th of January so just looking to see if there is anyone else in the same boat out there?
  2. And100

    And100 New commenter

    Hi, my hubby and I are in the same boat. Good luck to us both (us four!)
    Milliemoo13 likes this.
  3. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    Ah good luck And100 and hubby! My period came yesterday a week earlier than expected so that's us out for another month!
    I'll keep my fingers crossed its your month!
  4. Frankie30

    Frankie30 New commenter

    Hello! My partner and I started trying this month too but no luck for us either. I think we had both kind of assumed it would happen if we weren't actively preventing it so we felt a bit shocked (even though we knew statistically it probably wouldn't happen the first month). Anyway, let's hope February is the month for us Milliemoo and that January is your month And100! xx
  5. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    Yes Frankie I completely assumed that too! I figured being on the pill had just stopped it happening all this time - take take away and ta da! But looks like it's much more complicated than that!
    Fingers crossed definitely for us both for February!
    And100 hoping you get good news this month xxx
  6. Frankie30

    Frankie30 New commenter

    In the waiting period for this month now, feels like the longest two weeks ever. Don't feel any different but I'm trying to convince myself that I wouldn't necessarily know anyway. Should fine out in half term so at least I won't have to go in to work and act normal either way. Hope everyone's well.
  7. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    Got my fingers, toes and everything crossed for you! Sending good luck your way.
  8. Frankie30

    Frankie30 New commenter

    *find out (sorry for typo!)
    Thanks - sending lots of luck to you too!
  9. Chrissi T

    Chrissi T New commenter

    I started ttc in Jan (new years resolution if you will!). Nothing so far...period due next week so will know about this month, but i'm not convinced. Have you been buying those ovulation sticks? I have some boots ones and this month it claimed that I haven't ovulated at all (even though i had other symptoms-break outs, sore boobs etc) at the right time. Someone recommended clear blue ovulation tests but they're so blimmin expensive! Maybe I didn't ovulate, not everyone does every month. They did come up positive last month so who knows!
  10. dt201

    dt201 Occasional commenter

    Sorry to crash your thread. chrissi, I never showed as ovulating with the strips but the clear blue digital ones worked for me. I got mine from Amazon as much cheaper than in the shops. Maybe eBay do them even cheaper.

    Good luck everyone!
  11. elby1

    elby1 New commenter

    Hello everyone!

    My husband and I have been trying for our first since June 2015. Sadly it hasn't happened for us yet! Don't think work stress has helped the situation. What I would say is try not to get too worked up if it doesn't happen soon - it's really hard to do but try and focus on/plan for other things that you can do if it doesn't happen straight away. I honestly thought I'd be pregnant by now. My husband is going to book some time off in the summer holidays and if it hasn't happened we're going to book a last minute sun holiday so that we have something to look forward to. TTC takes over your life and it's emotionally draining when it doesn't happen. I've had to change my attitude as I as getting really down about it not happening.

    I've used cheap ovulation strips from amazon but they said to test mid afternoon which just wasn't possible so this month I had got some clearblue dual ovuation digital tests. They are expensive but as dt201 said it's slightly cheaper is you buy from amazon. My cycles are generally 28 days long and I was expecting 'flashing smiles' from cd 12ish, interestingly they started flashing at cd 9 (yesterday). Have read some things on line where you can get 6 days of flashing before the static smile, or perhaps I will ovulate earlier than I thought. Either way you test first thing in the morning which is more convenient with work etc.

    Good luck everyone - fingers crossed it happens for all of us soon!
  12. dt201

    dt201 Occasional commenter

    That's a really good point about the flashing smiley face. My cycles when I was younger used to be 28 days and I naively assumed they hadn't really changed much. The first few months I 'wasted' as we were trying at completely the wrong time. My cycles turned out be really random (between 26 and 50, but usually 35 ish) - I should have been aware of this! Sometimes the flashing face would be for 4 days but once I think I got the flashing face for 9 or 10 days before the solid peak fertility face. I'm not saying that ovulation test kits are for everyone as I had a friend who thought it added to her stress, but for me it really helped and took a bit of the stress away.

    It took us 7 months to get pregnant (I'm currently 22.5 weeks) and it is hard as you just want it to happen straight away. I know I'm very lucky as 7 months isn't actually long at all.
  13. elby1

    elby1 New commenter

    Congratulation dt201!

    My solid smile came 3 days earlier than expected! So I think we've done all we can do for this month! Fingers crossed!

    I worked out this is our 10th cycle and typically so many people are falling pregnant around me!
  14. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    Congratulations dt201!

    I have some of the cheapie ovulation tests but they never give me a positive result - I do get lots of physical ovulation symptoms though so try to go by those!

    My period was meant to start on Friday, I'm still waiting. I've done a test but it was negative and I don't feel like I imagine I would if I was pregnant if you understand me.

    It's so hard to try to get all the timings right, I thought we'd done well with timings this month but now I just wonder if my body is out to trick me at every possible moment! Xxx
  15. elby1

    elby1 New commenter

    I think half of the problem is we are looking for symptoms so when we find something that might be we convince ourselves it is! If that makes sense.

    It's an emotional roller coaster this ttc malarkey. I'm now in my 2ww so we shall see, I'm like you Milliemoo- don't feel like this is going to be the month :(
  16. Frankie30

    Frankie30 New commenter

    Sounds promising though, Milliemoo! Did you test today?

    I've just started my 2ww for this month too - hoping it's third time lucky!

  17. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    Nope - just started my period :(
    Argh I had been starting to hope a little bit just my body trading me!
    Good luck everyone else for this month! Xxx
  18. Frankie30

    Frankie30 New commenter

    Oh, I'm sorry, it's so cruel of our bodies to make us late for no reason.

    Make sure you treat yourself somehow and remember that you're only a few days away from being able to start again ☺
    Milliemoo13 likes this.
  19. Milliemoo13

    Milliemoo13 New commenter

    Thanks - I've over done the chocolate now feel sick but the sugar high is good!

    Very true - going to stay positive and try again like you say it's now closer to that time again!

    Thanks for that - needed a little reassurance
    Good luck everyone else that's waiting it out I e got my fingers crossed we've got some good news soon! Xxx
  20. elby1

    elby1 New commenter

    I always think the 2ww is the worst bit. Like you have said - when your period arrives it's signalling a new chance. Sort of feels like a relief one way or another!

    Felt really dizzy and sick yesterday and massively had the munchies. Feels like I'm coming down with something ☹️


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