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TTC when still breastfeeding

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Bumblybee, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Just wondered if anybody has any experience of TTC whilst breastfeeding? LO is 10 months and I still bf morning and bedtime. About 3 days a week she'll have a bf through the night aswell. I haven't had a period yet (19 wonderful cramp-free months). Will I have to give up feeding her completely if I hope to get pregnant again? I love feeding her but would love to try and have another baby sooner rather than later.
    Bumbly x
  2. It is possible to conceive when breastfeeding- I did... it will help if there are longish breaks inbetween feeds- so see if you can aim for a 6 hour gap at nights. I also took agnus castus to help stimulate ovulation.
  3. Hi Bumbly - how are you? I too am wondering the same. More complicated for me though as I have to have IVF. I know that I can't do IVF whilst BF because of the drugs but am wondering how long I need to be stopped BF before periods come back and things return to normal for me to be able to start a cycle. I have asked my clinic but they have been quite unhelpful and just said to contact them when I stop BF - but I was trying to ask them how long I needed to be stopped before I could start if that makes sense?
    I know of quite a few people that have conceived while still BF so I wouldn't worry too much - especially if you are feeding less. How are the nights now - you said your only feeding sometimes? How did you manage that? Things got better here but worse again at the mo - think it's because LO is teething again. Are you having to express at work? I'm dreading returning because of all this x
  4. Moomoon - Thanks for the advice, I'll be calling into Boots at the weekend for some angus cactus!
    Lohman - I'm great thanks. I handed in my notice at work so I'm feeling incredibly lucky. Just before I returned to work, LO decided that she would tolerate milk from a bottle which meant that I didn't need to express at work. Now I just feed morning and evening and the other milk feeds (one late morning and one during the night - if DH has the energy to get up and make a bottle) are formula. BFing is just so much easier at 3am when LO is crying and we're all very sleepy! Our daily pattern now is
    5.30-6.00 Wake up and BF
    8.00 Breakfast
    11.00 Bottle of formula and nap
    13.00 Lunch
    14.00 Nap
    16.30 Dinner
    18.00 Bath
    18.30 BF
    19.00 Sleep
    21.00 Wake up - fall straight back to sleep by replacing her dummy
    23.00 Wake up - cuddle back to sleep
    02.30 Bottle or BF and into bed with me
    Is this similar to your day? How old is your LO? Ours is 10 months (we bought her first shoes today. Very exciting!). She still hasn't got any teeth so we've got teething to look forward to. Are you going back FT? I did full time for the last 6 weeks of term and it's amazing how quickly you and LO will adjust. I really appreciated the fact that the school day is none stop so there's no clock watching. I also made sure that I left by 4.30 each day which meant that I had lots of time with LO before her bedtime.
    Me and OH have decided to leave things in the hands of fate in terms of TTC. I'm going to keep feeding LO morning and night, but if we're still not pregnant by this time next year, I'll wean her of the boob completely.
    Is it just me or are you feeling quite guilty at the thought of weaning LO in order to conceive again? It kind of feels like I'm prioritising baby number 2 over the needs of LO[​IMG].
    Apologies for the epic post!
    Bumbly x

  5. Hiya,
    LO is just 1 year and has 5 teeth.I'm going back 3 days a week - I'd forgot you were leaving - well done - I really don't want to go back!
    Our routine is:
    5.30 (can be 4.30) - BF to settle back to sleep
    7 (or 6.30) BF again and then he'll sometimes sleep again until 7.30/8
    8.30 breakfast
    10.30/11 BF and nap
    12.30 lunch
    3 nap and then BF but losing interesy in this feed
    4.30 snack
    5.30 dinner
    6.30 bath
    7pm bit of play and another snack
    8pm BF and bed
    (will usually sleep until 3am and then needs settling - sometimes sleeps until 5.30 until BF but this is rare esecially at the moment as he's teething again). Night times are always hit and miss as to whether he sleeps OK or not. This week hasn't been good and he's been up crying a lot but I think he has another tooth on the way.
    Yes I feel torn about weaning off the boob as I know he stll really wants it but age is not on my side. Not sure what to do as I don't want to cut his BF time short but I also don't want to miss the chance of having another. Would love another one but then I also can't imagine not giving LO my sole attention.
    Take care anyway and let us know how you get on xx
    Think I will probably need to express at work - at least for when I first go back anyway. I'll see how it goes.

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