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TTC for ages v2

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by woo77, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    Antonious congratulations on your beauiful baby!!!!! Wow!

    Mariposa I'm so pleased for you :) best of luck for your pregnancy, I was so chuffed to see your news.

    Toe Congrats to you too! Enjoy every moment.

    Best wishes to everyone else on this thread,. You are all troopers xx

    Hi Elastigirl! Long time no see:)

  2. bettyboop82

    bettyboop82 New commenter

    Hello ladies, not sure if there are still any long time ttcers out there still??? I feel I don't quite fit in on the ttc thread anymore we've been ttc since January 2013 but due to my husbands job have only tried properly for 9 cycles (not consecutive months). AF has just arrived for me once again and I feel utterly fed up, defeated, hopeless, confused and angry. I've tried every trick in the book to maximise our chances and am thinking it's time to look at fertility testing via my go. Is anyone in a similar position? Xx
  3. bettyboop82

    bettyboop82 New commenter

    GP not GO!!
  4. We went to the GP after 9 months and she ordered me to have blood taken and OH to have an SA done. It can't hurt to ask.
  5. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Same here - same sort of time scale from what I remember. GPs do vary in their approaches though - I know of other people who were sent away for visiting 'too soon'. I'm guessing from your 'name' that you're the same age as I was when I started out, which may go in your favour??

    Try not to be disheartened - there are several of us now with babies (inside or out!) who are living proof that there can - and often are - 'happy ever afters'. x
  6. Toe- your 'happy ever afters' made me cry. Pregnancy hormones. But it's so true. I still can't accept my babies will be here and the whole Ivf process seems like a daze in the past. Never thought I'd get a chance to be pregnant again. Can wait to meet my jelly beans. Don't give up hope ttcers. Xx
  7. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    Congratulations, Antoniou xx
  8. Congrats on all the positive stories. Anyone left that is still fighting the fertility battle? I have been reading posts for a long time and finally decided to join in. Feeling at a bit of a low. DH and I been TTC for 3 years. 2 naturally and 1 - 6 months on Clomid (which was awful) then 6 on letrozole. We have now have been referred to start IUI and I am starting to think it will never happen. I am now the only married one at work who does not have a child and the 'you better get a move on' and does 'this not make you broody' make me want to scream!! Any success stories of anyone in a similar boat would be very welcome!
  9. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    Hi Roxabell!!!

    I have been trying over 3 years, 6 months clomid......there are still some of use left but we post more on the super secret Facebook page......come join us???
  10. Hi, what's the name of your FB group?
  11. twelvty.weasels

    twelvty.weasels New commenter

    Hiya roxabell, I sent you a private message about the group x
  12. Hi roxabell,

    Im a bit of a lurker on this group. I was TTC for 2 years with unexplained infertility and am now pregnant with my first in third trimester. I was also losing hope and getting quite down about it all. We conceived after first try of IUI with Clomid. I was convinced it wouldnt work and amazed when it did as because I ovulated on the Sunday I had to go in on the Monday when the OPK had turned negative. I guess the egg was still hanging around. Just wanted to say dont lose hope, it can work first time. A few things that I think helped were cutting out caffeine and alcohol completely for about 2 weeks before and also going in with a slightly a full bladder on the day (which Id read about online). Good luck xxx
  13. Congrats caro. Thanks for the encouragement and hearing your story does give me some hope! I'll remember those tips. Thanks x
  14. Please can I join you all? I am a long time 'silent' reader.

    My story is over 3 years of ttc with unexplained fertility and one failed IVF treatment.

    My second cycle has just been cancelled on the day I was about to start the injections due to a problem at the clinic. Just feeling that I will never get there.
  15. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Just wanted to send hugs to those still fighting the battle that is infertility. Many of you know my story, but just to hopefully encourage those of you feeling like it's all in vain: We tried for a baby for 3.5 years before successfully conceiving through IVF. Our infertility was 'unexplained' and I have been where some of you are now, or have been in the past (and may be again) where you feel there is no hope and you will never have a baby. Have hope. It can happen, and when it does, those babies are SO so special and loved. Infertility will always be a part of my life in a way (and if we want a second child it will be there in some guise once more), but it's a part that has ultimately made me stronger and more appreciative of what I now have.
  16. Thanks for that Toe as I have been reading your story over the past couple of years and it does give hope when people who have struggled to conceive get there.

    I am personally trying to focus on acupuncture before attempting IVF cycle 2 in the new year.
  17. Hi all, sorry for being AWOL for so long! Just been catching up. I'm now 25+1 - can you believe that?!? I can't. I'm starting to get on the pregnancy fun bus but it is still so hard to believe. I have a small bump and being are noticing now. I feel so very grateful. This was our last FET and I know we have been so lucky. To those of you still TTC, keep going. We knew that this was our last shot as we were knackered with it all (5 years, 2 chemicals, 1st IVF = mmc, 2nd IVF = bfn) but we tried that one last time and here we are. Unitl I'm holding a baby I probably won't believe it but if this hadn't have worked, I wanted no regrets and to know we had done everything we could. Wishing you all lots of luck!
  18. Wow, Mariposa! 25 weeks already!

    My LO is 7 weeks now- I still can't believe she's here and she's mine!
  19. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Lovely news mariposa, I'd been waiting to see your name pop up again, hoping you were all ok. Enjoy! Xxx
  20. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    Amazing news Mariposa!!

    how is everyone??

    Everything much the same with me....

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