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TTC for ages v2

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by woo77, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. paeony

    paeony Occasional commenter

    Just means you probably haven't OVd yet. I got little mini LH surges with nearly but not quite positive opks two or three times before I actually OVd. I ran out of opks waiting but amusingly after all that time that was the lucky cycle!
    Glad the head is vaguely supportive Antoniou. Shaft your HOD as much as you can, sounds like he/she deserves a lesson being taught to them. SMT burned done bridges with me recently & it's bitten them on the backside now. Had a sly chuckle to myself, what goes around & all that.
  2. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    I have to share that when I read this, 'The 12 Days of Christmas' sprung to mind! I'm now working on a song to release in time to be in the running for Christmas next year: The 12 Days of EWCM!!! Who's going to help me with my chart buster?...
    On the first day of ewcm, my truelove said to me "Yay! It's that time of the month again!"
    On the second day of ewcm...
  3. Amybella

    Amybella New commenter

    On the second day of ewcm, my true love said to me "We did it yesterday. Leave me in peace!"
  4. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

  5. livb

    livb New commenter

    eac902, stay calm. I realise that is easier said than done, but just keep thinking about the heartbeat you saw. Stay positive for him/ her!
    Amybella, how long have you been trying? I'm glad the tests were not too bad. I wish tes had a 'like' button, because I want to like your ewcm comment! We could try to make a complete song!
  6. Aww, thanks ladies. Your lovely comments really mean a lot. x x x
    antoniou - so sorry af arrived, but congrats on now stress-free ttc! x x x
    eac - I had some spotting/bleeding or brown discharge at 4,5,13,14,15,and 16 weeks. I have cervical erosion and the midwife is sure that this is what is it. I'm sure everything is absolutely fine, but I know how totally scary it is. The worst time I had it was at 13 weeks, and I cried for 2 whole days - that time I had an emergency scan and little one was bobbing around totally unaware. The fear never leaves...I am still on knicker-watch now!! x x x
    toe - I'm going to try and make some bunting! If you have an easy pattern (or a good website to look at!) that would be great as I'm a bit naff at sewing! Thank you for being a great cyber-friend, I really appreicate your loveliness x x x
    ITA - Thank you, you're so kind! Did you get the appointment with your GP to discuss results? x x x
    Amybella - So glad your scan went well...I think it's better that nothing was discovered! Fingers crossed for next steps x x x
    1 more get up.....Yayyyyyyy! x x x
  7. On the third day of ewcm, my true love said to me "It'll have to be a quick...i.i..kie!"
  8. Amybella

    Amybella New commenter

    This "Twelve Days of Mucus" could run and run (eww!). I too wish there was a "like" button. I may just start copying the post and putting a little thumbs up!
    Livb, we have been actively trying for about a year, but were not careful for a good few months before that. Not massively long, I suppose, but I'm nearly 36 and OH is in early fifties so feeling the time ticking away. Having said that, my mum had my sister when she was 42 (that was a surprise for all of us, I can tell you!).
  9. Amybella

    Amybella New commenter

  10. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    Miss B -appt in the New Year!!TThe 3rd of jan!! According to OH no follow up required for him!!
  11. eac902

    eac902 New commenter

    Thanks Miss B and Livb. Miss B what an awful worry, so stressful! So glad you are further along now and when you are holding your little girl I'm sure it will all seem like a bad memory. No more spotting so been clear for nearly two days now (have been at home resting, thinking of going back tomorrow). Thanks for reassurance.

    Amybella so glad you got through scan OK, well done for being brave. Good that everything looks fine, but as you say doesn't get you closer to an answer, though maybe further along with whatever the next step is. Hope you can enjoy holidays with it out the way now.

    ITA good luck with follow-up appointment, let us know how you get on.

    Nearly there ladies, what a long term!xx
  12. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    Such a long term!! AF dues today or tomorrow-feels like its on it's way-GREAT!thought I would be holding a baby this Christmas not counting down the day till AF has been and gone!RUBBISH!!!
  13. Just wanted to wish all you ladies a happy holidays - the stress of such a long term can't have helped anything. Hope that you all get the gift you deserve early in the new year. xx
  14. Hi crazy, how are you? I'm definitely hoping for a new year bfp. Hoping the knowledge that I'm leaving Feb half term will mean I'm less stressed.
  15. Amybella

    Amybella New commenter

    And the spotting has begun...looks like Santa won't be the only visitor I get this week [​IMG]
  16. Hey lovely ladies!
    Been MIA due to no Internet or phone, feel like I've had my arm cut off! No real news from me other than a +opk 2 weeks ago. No sign of af yet, feel knackered but we've just finished a mammoth term.
    Antoniou I really admire you for handing your notice in. The relief must be immense! I wish you the absolute best in everything x
    MissB - a baby girl, how wonderful! You'd better keep posting here lady x
    Loving the 12 Days of Christmas to mucus!
    Lots of love to everyone xxx
  17. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    On the first day of mucus my truelove said to me "Yay! It's that time of month again!"
    On the second day of mucus my truelove said to me "We did it yesterday. Leave me in peace!"
    On the third day of mucus my truelove said to me "It'll have to be a quick...i.i..kie!"
    On the fourth day of mucus my truelove said to me "Well I suppose, since it is the weekend."
  18. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Don't just love it, add to it! I've extended it below, so hopefully we can just quote and add a line.
  19. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    or even 'above'!
  20. Amybella

    Amybella New commenter

    On the fifth day of mucus, my true love said to me "F-i-i-i-i-i-v-e minutes, please!"

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