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TTC for ages v2

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by woo77, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    very quiet on here!!!
  2. Hey ladies, I am still stopping by from time to time to catch up on news. So thrilled to be reading about so many bumps and babies from our graduates. Hoping those of you still waiting are coping ok - I think of you often and look forward to the day I read your good news. xx
  3. twelvty.weasels

    twelvty.weasels New commenter

    How was your scan, Mariposa?x
  4. Hello all, 12w scan went well thank you. Everything as it should be. Just waiting for Nuchal results at the moment. Not been on here as went away over half term and had no internet access. Currently 13.5 weeks pregnant and I've just posted on Winter 2014 thread! AHHHH! Not fully graduating yet and doubt I ever will. My heart is still here. Started to feel better around 11-12 weeks but now I'm back to feeling rough - sick, throwing up and v tired. But its all worth it and I'm happy. Just wish the next few weeks would speed up as I still feel in the danger zone.
  5. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    Ooohh don't leave us mariposa!

    Y are inspiration for all us long timers!
  6. twelvty.weasels

    twelvty.weasels New commenter

    Yay! Glad the scan went well. I didn't feel I could properly relax until after the 20 week scan and even then I'm still worrying about something different every day!

  7. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    I hope it is ok to post this here...

    Baby J arrived at 4.55 on Saturday morning, weighing 7lb 5oz, following a successful induction and 4.5 years of waiting! He is perfect in every way and we are very much in love with our son.
  8. bettyboop82

    bettyboop82 New commenter

    Congratulations!!!!! You truly deserve your happy ending after all you've been through, you are an inspiration to all long time ttc-ers and hope that you continue to 'drop in' to let us all know how you're doing... This forum must feel like your second home after all this time!! Congratulations again and lots of love to you and your little family xxxx
  9. Congratulations Toe that is wonderful news, I just shared it with the girls from the winter babies 2010/2011 and they all pass on their best wishes. X

    I rarely come on the forums these days (I left when it all changed) but nice to see some good news on this thread, congrats too to Mariposa and good luck Antoniou x

    Best wishes to everyone else on here


  10. Great news Toe! When is antoniou due?

    Everything OK here.....touching lots of wood. Currently 16 weeks. Not really showing but nearly there. Heard baby's heartbeat yesterday on midwife's doppler and that was lovely. Had a private scan last week and all is well. Just praying that everything stays this way. It's still very scary and I don't think I'll rest until baby is here. Perhaps.....

    Hope everyone else is well xx
  11. I'm due 2 July, but hoping baby arrives a bit earlier!
  12. Congratulations Toeinwater!! Fantastic!

    Just checked in after a while away. Hope you are ok Mariposa- so scary. Pleased your scan went well.

    Had my 12 week scan last week- twinnies both doing ok. Suffering from horrendous sickness atm. Nearly 14 weeks. Can't see the light at the end of the tunnel but so thankful for this pregnancy. Looking into booking a gender scan in a couple weeks :)

    Not been brave enough to join winter babies yet...
  13. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Thanks for the best wishes (and extended best wishes!)
  14. Congratulations Toe! Hope you are enjoying your time with your beautiful son. Looking forward to hearing Antoniou's birth announcement soon - and then Mariposa's!
  15. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Thanks Crazy! Yes, I know - I've come on now to check if there is any baby Antoniou news! I am envious of the people yet to go through it - am I crazy for wanting to do it all over again!?
  16. Nothing to report. Starting to get uncomfortable now. Come on baby!
  17. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    Congratulations, Toe!
  18. Hi. I hope I don't upset anyone by posting, but just wanted to tell you all that our little girl arrived a day early on 1 July. After 2 mmc, various tests, a round of clomid and being told I was unexplained, we never thought this day would happen. Don't lose hope ladies x
  19. Congratulations Antoniou!

    I've been checking each day for news.

    So pleased that you've finally got there; it does give me hope!

    Best wishes.
  20. Congratulations Antoniou! Wonderful news. Give your wee lassie extra kisses from all of us.

    Hope everyone else on this thread is doing well. Looking forward to seeing some more announcements from you all soon. xx

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