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TTC for ages v2

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by woo77, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Pegasus32

    Pegasus32 New commenter

    Hello all, just wanted to pop on and say congratulations to Mariposa and slj123, lovely lovely news for both of you. Wishing you both a happy and healthy pregnancy xx
  2. Wonderful news slj x
  3. Double trouble slj! Great news! Had another scan today and all OK. We saw a little wave and baby looks like a little teddy bear now. 10 weeks tomorrow and 12 week scan booked in. Seems like I'm typing this on behalf of somebody else to be honest! Still feels very surreal. People keep saying " you don't seem all that excited" and I feel hurt by that. I am excited but I'm trying to keep grounded and I dunno why people don't get that. One colleague said "you're just like any other pregnant woman now." And I disagree because I cannot simply try again.....But I'm letting it all wash over me and taking each day as it comes. I feel quite positive but I might not be tomorrow! Symptoms are being quite kind. I'm very tired and extremely hungry. I feel sick if I don't eat often. My boobs are a big bigger and that's about it. Starting to come off all the drugs next week and that worries me but I've been reassured that the placenta should be functioning by then.
  4. Oh and we had Ofsted in end of last week.......that nearly sent me over the edge!
  5. Oh and (sorry!!) ....not brave enough to move on to any other threads so can I loiter around here for a while? Don't wanna upset people with any updates.
  6. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    Mariposa - not upsetting me at all! You give me hope!!! Please loiter longer!!!!

    Glad everything going well for you.

    Shame about the OFSTED! BUT at least it is over with! A school I use to work in had a new head teacher start in the same week that they had OFSTED last week. Horrid!!
  7. Mariposa, when will your baby be due? So glad scans are looking good. It's so reassuring isn't it?
  8. ITA - how werid - we had a new head start as well when Ofsted came in. Wonder if it's same school......I'm in NW England.

    Antoniou - EDD is 3rd Dec. Had another scan this week. I'm on lots of steroids so they want to moniter me quite closely. Little teddy bear in there bouncing about. Feels very surreal though tbh! Gettting a little bit excited as each day passes.
  9. Congratulations to mariposa and slj123.Haven't been on for a while and wanted to say what great news it is. I am 18 weeks and it still doesn't seem real, (I feel like I'm making it up or I might have got it wrong), still can't really allow myself to fully believe it is happening and the worry doesn't seem to go away either.

    Wishing you both a happy and healthy 9 months! x
  10. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    Mariposa - CHS???

    How is everyone else?
  11. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Congratulations SLJ!

    Mariposa - Ofsted is enough to put anyone over the edge, let alone a pregnant hormonal lady! Glad to hear you're beginning to allow yourself some excitement.
  12. Thanks for best wishes as always. Small world as it it seems me and ITA used to work together!

    I'm 11 weeks on Wednesday. I started feeling a bit "normal" towards the end of last week and Saturday but then yesterday I felt like sh1t. My husband said "what do you think it could be? Anxiety??" Ermmmm, the fact I'm pg you ********!!! Bless him. Tried to explain the exhaustion but it's hard to get. I feel very blessed and lucky but ready for it to all be snatched away in a second. Want to start enjoying it all but can't. Next hurdle is 12w scan next week and then coming off all these steroids and hormones. Hopefully little Snowflake will be OK on his/her own in there without all these drugs. I'm quite worried to be honest about coming off it all but it's got to be done. Just need to trust in my body.

    How is everyone else? I don't even know if there is a Winter 2014 thread out there and I'm ******** if I'm starting it! Don't wanna jinx myself. And to be honest, I'm struggling thinking about normal baby things. I still feel stuck in the trenches. My sister is talking about buggies and nappies and baby showers and I'm like "hold on there sis....."

    Have a friend of a friend who is pg, about 16 weeks and we were all out on Saturday night for a meal and she was eating all sorts, drinking Coke like it was going out of fashion. She was sooo relaxed about it all and I was panicking about my lamb being cooked properly. Oh to be an innocent fertile......
  13. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Aw, bless ya Mariposa! I completely get your anxieties; when it's not come easily, it's very easy to stress about every little thing - some people don't know how lucky they are! I wouldn't have started the thread either, for the same reasons: I'm sure everything will be fine, but much nicer to jump on after someone else has started one.

    Re buggies etc. we've literally only just got ours and the baby is due in 4 weeks! So I wouldn't worry about that. And we're still at the 'playing' stage with it: working out how to attach the components and how to adjust the incline etc. The job for the weekend is to check out putting it into the car (both fitting into the boot and actually putting the car seat in), so I've told little one to stay put for now!

    How funny that you and ITA used to work together! I reckon there would be other mutual acquaintances on here if you delved far enough.

    Take care of yourself and snowflake!
  14. Had a scare last week. Was spotting very slightly so a colleague ended up taking me to hospital. Managed to get an emergency scan and baby is fine. Wiggling away. I was absolutely ******** myself.....Feels a bit more real now as the baby looked like a baby and not a teddy bear. Also bought his/her first outfit. 12 week scan this week. Hope all will still be OK in there.
  15. OOh! Wandered on to TES after months and months away from it, only to see some familiar names talking bumps and scans and the like... Congrats, ladies! Love LMC & Alex (who's almost two now!)
  16. Sorry you had a scare mariposa. Its awful. I did too three times. One at 8 weeks - I continued spotting until 12 weeks then a massive bleed at 12 weeks, just dates after scan where I was admitted to hospital. That bleed continued until 17 weeks then I passed a big scary looking clot so back again to hospital. Each time I just Kept thinking surely this is it now, surely my luck has to run out but no. Then he arrived so early.

    But, he is now 6 months and you'd never know. I'll never ever forget but it gets less significant. In fact it just makes him all the more miraculous.

    Hope your little baby stops keeping his mummy on her toes. (I've decided its a boy). Its amazing to see the difference between the scans. The 20 week one is incredible, being able to see the spine - all those teeny tiny bones and then the heart.

    Have you started showing yet? Have you told anyone? I actually found that part really difficult.

    How's everyone else? Ita how's things with you?

    Antoniou and toe, you're getting so close now! In fact toe are you term now?

    Sending lots and lots of love to everyone still waiting. It's the hardest thing in the world and no amount if success stories can make it better when you're living it. I hope and pray every one of you is as lucky as me.
  17. LMC and PF, lovely to hear off you both. Glad your little ones are doing well.

    I'm currently 33+5! Got my mw appointment tomorrow and am hoping baby is no longer breech. I look massive, although it's all bump, so I'm hoping it won't be too long before I'm back in my normal clothes!
  18. Wow antoniou - it's gone so fast! Hello to everyone else - LMC and PF! Always great to hear from you.
  19. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Hi everyone!

    Yes PF, we reached the all-important 'full term' yesterday. EEEEEK!

    Mariposa - you take care of yourself Lovely. It must be horrible having these scares. I know it's not the same, but when we rushed to hospital at 6 weeks with the OHSS, I swore it was an ectopic (as suspected by my GP) and that it was all over. I've been incredibly lucky since and just hope things continue to go smoothly. These babies ought to know we've already been through so much, they should cut us some slack!
  20. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    Hi Pinkfairy!

    I am fine thank you - no news still awaiting referral!!

    Although I have just booked to go and see Dr Arun Ghosh for a private consultation - he is sometimes on TV talking all things fertility - a friend of a friend went to see him after 3 rounds of IVF. He gave her some pills (not clomid something else) and she got pregnant at 43!! SO figure it is worth a shot!

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