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TTC for ages v2

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by woo77, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. I'm thinking I will be allowed to go at Feb half term. Depends what I find. If, by some miracle, I get a bfp, then I will stay and not return after maternity.
  2. Brave decision antoniou, wish I had your courage as I often wonder if it's exacerbating our problem. No news from me, same ****, same spotting, different month. Should be 34 weeks ! Wow! Should be on mat leave this week, wow! In same *** boat as 3.5 years ago, still no baby and still no pregnanyc past 8 weeksm hubby and I ok but really struggling and mainly arguing is the form of communication. Is it actually worth all this??! And to top it NHS appointment to discuss IVF and recurrent miscarriage appointment has been postponed by 11, yes, 11 weeks!
  3. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter


    Excellent news, ITA76! How do you feel about it? At least it is one more thing ticked off.

    Not sure how i feel about it to be honest..................
  4. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    It's like that isn't it? It's like having a baby is right down at the bottom of a very long list and you have to tick off all these other things to get there: 'have sex' is there every month, then highlighted in red you get the various procedures and tests, and then, right down near the bottom in <u>bold red</u> you get IVF or IUI or whatever other measures might be necessary in order for you to finally reach that target. I'm just kind of resigned to this cycle of ticking things off the list and making progress, but sort of not making progress if you see what I mean.For me this whole spotting thing is like a big cloud hanging over me; it makes me wonder whether IVF will even be successful for us since we don't know what the underlying cause of the spotting is: if it's the uterine lining shedding before it should then no pregnancy (natural or IVF) is going to work. I guess the only thing is that with 'assisted conception' they give you all manner of drugs and hormones which I suppose my redress the balance to overcome whatever causes it.
    My period has arrived this morning, as expected, so I'll be cd10 for my cervical exam: 9 sleeps til someone else peers up my nether regions (oh, and 10 sleeps til Christmas!)
  5. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    It does feel like this huge list and I just wish we were either further down the list or we could do lots of the things on the list all at once....so we could get to the end result ESP as some people seem to have it so easy.....they just decide they are going to TTC and the next min they are preg!! Oh well all good things come to those who wait.....
  6. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Sorry Antoniou! Completely forgot to mention your big news. Sorry to hear you've had a sh*tty couple of weeks and have decided to quit teaching. It must have been difficult to make that decision, but I'm sure you'll feel relieved now that you have and it gives you hope for that elusive bfp which may have been affected by school stress. Any ideas for what you might go in to? Still kids/education based or are you going to become a checkout girl!?
  7. I think I will leave education completely and see what I can do. A cashier in a bank is appealing!
  8. Wish I had your guts to do it antoniou....so tempting. I actually spoke to hubby and he was like "if you wanna quit, do it." But the drop in wages would be huge. Fact remains we're still incapable of conception and I'm still incapable of keeeping a baby. SIL was saying to me yesterday how she was sooooo broody as she was surrounded by babies and bumps (we've got a lot of friends pg or with newborns). I just looked at her as if to say 'really, you're jealous?' Try 3.5 years!! She did stop after that but only half hour later started dropping hints about when number 3 would be 'tried for' and BIL then said that it wouldn't be long with his 'super sperm' so looking forward to that announcement. Woken up this morning feeling so hopeless. I had to move nephew's pram yesterday to get in sil's living room and as I pushed it I was like 'this will never be me.' I don't wanna be pessimistic but I really don't think I'm gonna be a mum. I actually cannot see it and all the images, hopes and dreams I had are all deleted somewhere. I hate how people say they're gonna start trying in such and such a month and then it works. I'm fed up of being queue jumped. FED UP of it all. I should be going on mat leave on fri. Sorry for bringing the mood down but I feel so hopeless. I want my baby back.
  9. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    Oh Mariposa - didnt want to read and run. Thinking of you and how hard this must all be. Totally agree with the queue jumping too and just wish it was easier for us xx
  10. Thanks ITA, so hard for us all isn't it. This time of year doesn't help. Just want Xmas and NY and EDD gone. Was thinking a moment ago that I'm not just being queue jumped but actually lapped too!! There's people on the original TTC thread when I first started who are now pg or having number 2! That really makes me sad. I wish them no harm at all but only reinforces how fcukin uselss I really am/feel. People say 'it'll you soon', 'it'll happen one day...' But when I don't know and I actually believe now that it won't. Why did we have to loose our ivf baby? We'd already lost 2! Was that not enough? I just feel so lost. Hubby and I are really struggling to hold it all together. I hope u ladies are all OK. I really don't know what I'd do if I couldn't vent on here :(
  11. I too am sick of the queue jumping. I should have 2 small children all excited about Christmas, instead I'm still struggling to have one. I strongly believe stress at work is not helping, so a new job is in order. I'd take anything, but OH has said not to go for a job that requires no qualifications. Will see what's out there. Unfortunately, whatever I do, it'll mean a pay cut as I'm on ups1, but I don't care.
  12. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

  13. ITA76

    ITA76 New commenter

    Totally agree about the queue jumping and I too wish them no harm but on the other thread there are people who say they are about to TTC and the same month they get a BFP!!! And I just feel useless!!! I have felt so odd of late that I even did a CBPT today - it was a BFN as expected as we have only DTD once all month. I feel so tired yet cant sleep and have a sort of lingering cold etc
  14. And the spotting has begun....
  15. AF pain. Oh joy. Another short LP, 9 days if she arrives today.
  16. eac902

    eac902 New commenter

    ((Mariposa)) must be so hard with EDD coming up and family situation you describe. Hoep you and OH get through it OK, thinking of you x
    Toe sorry about the rubbish timing of your appt, at least it will be out of the way v soon and onto a lovely Xmas I hope x
    Antoniou sorry about AF and about work. As I've mentioned I left teaching nearly a year ago due to stress. Quit with nothing to go to, as OH and I had worked out how long we could manage on one salary/ savings for. Luckily he was very supportive just as your OH sounds. In the end it turns out for me the problem was PCOS and it didn't improve my fertility, but it has improved my mental health immeasurably and helped me cope with the TTC journey much better. It was still the hardest decision I had to make, really wanted to hold out for maternity pay etc but after trying for so long we agreed we'd keep going and manage whatever happened. Wish you so much luck in whatever you decide, we all deserve happiness x
    ITA and other ladies who have the IVF ball rolling loads of luck and babydust to you all, hoping 2013 will be your time x
  17. Got my progesterone results - 35! Thankfully it has gone up. Not sure if it is high enough to mean I am pg. Brown spotting on and off (usual pre AF stuff) and been feeling mild AF cramps. Due later this week. Tempted to test early as if it is BFN I will hand in my notice, but would rather wait till AF is late. What to do?
  18. paeony

    paeony Occasional commenter

    I wouldn't hand in notice on basis of AF; surely if the job is making you so miserable you want to leave immediately you should do it anyway? I'm worried about you hanging on in there at school hating it and just waiting for maternity leave & getting more & more stressed in the meantime; pregnant or not, that level of stress isn't good for you xxx. I'd test with a FRER or superdrug early test as you might get something if you conceived. My BFP was feint but there at 9 dpo on a superdrug test.
  19. I have got a double pack of CB digis in the draw, but don't want to waste them if it will be negative. Might pop to shops on way home tomorrow if AF still hasn't arrived.
  20. paeony

    paeony Occasional commenter

    Digis are useless that early, you don't get a BFP til at least 14 dpo as they're not so sensitive. Superdrug or FRER early tests definitely work at 10dpo

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