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TTC but also looking for a new job

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by teach81anon, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone
    I am in desperate need of some advice.
    A bit of background, I am 31 years old and TTC alone using a donor imported from America, and this is costing me a small fortune. My first attempt is in about 3 weeks.
    I am desperate to find a new job as I have been miserable where I am for a very long time, but am unsure if this is a good idea while TTC.
    By my calculations, if I get pregnant on the first attempt - which is unlikely as it takes an average of 4 goes at the clinic - then I would be due around Feb, which would only be 5 months into a new job if I were to start in September.
    I have found a job that I really want to apply for but am unsure as to what maternity benefits I would be entitled to. I have been trying to look into MA as I would not have been employed for the necessary 26 weeks.But I can't seem to find out if I would be entitled to MA if I wasn't eligable for SMP.
    I also feel bad about applying for a job where I would be hoping to be going on maternity leave within a matter of months of starting.
    I could put off TTC (if this round doesn't work) but I am also desperate to become a mum. Work is making me miserable and I am worried about the effect this could have on my health should I become pregnant.
    I really need some advice.
    Ant advice
  2. I agree its a difficult one. It really depends on how unhappy you are at your present place as if you are stressed then it way affect your chances of conceiving.
    On the other hand you mentioned that this process was expensive and you don't want to be short of money bringing up a little one on your own? Could you stick it out until hopefully you have your baby and then take maternity leave for however long looking for a different job when you are ready to go back, obviously completing whatever you need to do to get the maternity pay first.
    I totally understand the desparation to become a mother btw.
    Hope you are successful whatever you choose to do.
  3. Sorry, I don't know about the maternity pay side of things, but if you're really unhappy in your job then that could be detrimental. Elainem is right, stress is very effective at preventing conception. It's a tricky one, but I hope it all works out well for you!

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