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TTC after miscarriage - please share stories

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by nawoods, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. nawoods

    nawoods New commenter

    Hello everyone,
    I was just wondering if any of you would be willing to share you ttc/pregnancy after miscarriage stories with me. I could really use to some encouragement right now, I know its still early. But I could use a lift up!
    This is going to be our first month of ttc after miscarriage in December. I chart my tenps and use opk's - this is what helped the first time anyway, but was hoping for some shared stories to get me ready mentally for the possible challenge ahead.

  2. nawoods

    nawoods New commenter

    Hello everyone,
    I was just wondering if any of you would be willing to share you ttc/pregnancy after miscarriage stories with me. I could really use to some encouragement right now, I know its still early. But I could use a lift up!
    This is going to be our first month of ttc after miscarriage in December. I chart my tenps and use opk's - this is what helped the first time anyway, but was hoping for some shared stories to get me ready mentally for the possible challenge ahead.

  3. It is tough to begin again, but for me it was the only thing that would heal me and make me positive again. I had some doubt that I could do it as I kept mc, but my OH was great and kept re assuring me that we would get there.
    After first mc we ttcas soon as bleeding stopped and got pg again after the next cycle. I then lost that baby at 12 weks, it was prettty tough and I had to get through lots of stuff physically and mentally. I still had clots present on scans until 2 months later. Got the all clear at Christmas and started ttc straight away again and got pg that month. After that mc in march i decided to have d and c to hopefully make it a bit quicker to start again. I was pregnant again in June and have held onto this one (33+4).
    Everyone is different but I just needed to keep trying to feel as If i was doing something. I had to have some hope.
  4. Hi nawoods,

    Here's my experience..... Had a mmc in July. I was desperate for my period as I wanted to get back to ttc straight away (felt it best to wait for 1 cycle). So first cycle Dtd 4 times around when I would usually ov- looking back I really wasn't ready and only dtd when I thought was the right time as dtd was weird for a bit. However my cycles were all over the place (used to be 28-30 days) so I didn't ov till a lot later. My cycles are getting back to normal but have varied from 44 days to 35! My first 2-3 periods were very heavy and lots of clots. Tried again next month. I found that my hormones took a while to get back to normal and I was convincing myself I was pregnant. Still had lots of spots each month (not now) cramping at weird times and was convincing myself I felt pregnant.

    We decided to have a couple of months off and that did me good I think. Been trying again since Dec. I'm on the dreaded 2ww now and ignoring any possible symptoms. Think I will get some opks this month to be sure.

    It's my due date next month- so feeling a bit sad but looking ahead.

    Anyway that's my experience- hope that you get your bfp soon and that it all works out well.

  5. Hi. I had an early miscarriage in November 2009 and then conceived my now nearly-6-month-old straight away without having a period in between; my doctor dated me from the first day of the miscarriage which was really tough. Every time someone asked my LMP date, I had to remember the awfulness of going through it. The mc made me very anxious for the first few months but I think you're more fertile after a mc (so my doctor said anyway). And now we have a gorgeous, healthy little fella!
    Good luck.
  6. Hi, first of all good luck with ttc!! Happy thoughts being sent. I had a mc at 18wks in Feb last year, following this was hard physically, took 2 months before we dtd and even then periods weren't back to normal. I still kept off alcohol etc, ate healthily and took folic acid etc but was pretty stressed. I went to see doc too but didn't d any of the temp checking stuff. Once comfortable we dtd every night for a few 3 months but were then physically exhausted and also only doing it for one reason! Tried to relax, doc suggested I was probably not relaxing and this was prob true as I was desperate to conceive. This september I went out with OH for dinner (nothing new) but I had a glass of wine! And one glass was enough to make me feel pretty giddy, anyway that night had lovely DTD and I'm now 21+6.
    I hope you get your bfp soon. Enjoy getting there xx
  7. Hi and good luck with your journey.
    I had a mmc at around 10 weeks in Feb last year. For me it was a very long time to feel mentally ready infact it a long time before we even dtd. I was very stressed/depressed and did nt give my mind and my heart time to heal and grieve and I think this contributed to the fact that my periods literally vanished for almost 6 months. I was beside myself with stress/worry and this in turn no doubt made my period hide for a little longer. They eventually turned up after I begged GP for medical intervention and he gave me a course of tables. They came back in August and at that time I also started acupunctur and the lady I saw was a fertility specialist, she was great. We started properly trying In september I was so much more relaxed as periods were back and regular (fr ov tests, checking cm, grapefruit juice, cough syrup) We had no luck in the first proper month but did nt expect it and didnt mind. I then bought cb fertility monitor and in the first month we got a very unexpected BFP.
    I kept up acupuncture until 10 weeks.
    Im now 17+4. I spend most days terrified something will go wrong but im getting better at chilling out.
    lots of hugs and luck ILTW x
  8. Hi
    No story yet re ttc but just want to say I know what you're going through. found out about my mmc on thursday at a12 week scan and am currently off work trying to get my head together after going through the rather gruelling medical route of 'managing' the mc.The baby was unplanned but a happy accdient.
    Hubby has been fantastic but it has hit him hard too and he's terrified of it happening again, as am I. Currently veering between trying again straight away and being cautious and waiting for my body to get back to smoe kind of normality first. A friend of mine who is due the day I was has just posted her scan pics on fb which was tough so I'm currently thinking I want to try and get pregnant again asap. Will see.
    Lots of hugs and best of luck. I know how hard this is
  9. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    Oh Dolly, sorry to hear your news. Be kind to yourself.
    We had an unplanned pregnancy in Jan 2008 which was discovered to be a mmc in April 2008. We decided then that we'd try for a baby from Sept 2008, but we had another accident in June 2008 and I miscarried in the August.
    I then had tests etc, and we didn't start trying until Jan 2009. By the June I realised something wasn't wrong as I'd fallen pregnant so quickly before so we were referred to a consultant and I was prescribed Clomid in Nov 2009, although I didn't start taking it until Jan 2010. I also started using Progesterone cream as my progesterone levels were slightly low.
    I became pregnant in Feb 2010, but had another mmc in April 2010. I was cross about this as I had requested Progesterone pessaries to help support this pregnancy, but was told that my levels weren't low enough to warrant it.
    Whilst this miscarriage was painless and (sorry if this is TMI) I lost incredibly little blood, I did suffer pains in the region of my ovary for a couple of months. So I stayed off the Clomid and we didn't DTD as it was too painful. Then at the end of August, we did DTD just the once, after I'd ovulated - and lo and behold I became pregnant. And I was given my progesterone pessaries to help support the pregnancy and now I'm 23 weeks today!
    I did all the charting stuff - but my consultant said it's pointless doing that as the only way to really discover if you're OVing is to either have a scan or blood tests. So I gave all that up. Oh, and like ILTW I had acupuncture - although I was pregnant when I started this, but didn't actually know!
    I think I'm probably an extreme case - and at 41 I'm positively ancient! But, bump's doing well thus far and, God willing, will remain well. So, if there's hope for me - there's most certainly hope for you!
    Lots and lots and lots of luck to you. xxxxx
  10. Sorry to hear your news - it's the worst thing that has happened to me, but there is light at the end of tunnel, everyday gets a bit better.
    I had MMC and an ERPC at 12 weeks in Nov 2009. Prior to this we had tried for about 7 months - no wine, all manner of vitamins, healthy eating etc. Over Christmas I ate, drank and chilled out. January came and I decided to go to loads of gigs, theatre, etc stayed out late to beat the winter blues. Middle of Jan felt a bit strange, did a test and was pregnant - a year after the ERPC I had a bouncing 1 month old! Take care x x
  11. Thank you so much for your stories and thoughts. Glad things are good for you now. I know it's a tough journey but I'm very lucky that I've had so much love and support.
    I'm really hoping that before too long I'll be a mummy again.
  12. So sorry to hear this :( I know what you're going through. I had my scan last monday and was told it was pretty much complete, after going through the pretty hideous medical procedure as I hadnt had any bleeding. Following the misoprostal treatment two weeks ago my bleeding has now stopped .
    My GP told me I could start trying again straight away. My hubby is nervous about this but I think becoming pregnant again is the only thing that can help heal the pain.
    Sorry if that's not massively helpful, I just wanted you to know I know exactly what you are going through.
    DD xx

  13. Thanks ladymarm and DD.
    Had a scan today and doc said it is basically complete, just to expect more bleeding for a couple of weeks.
    She said we could start ttc again as soon as we feel ready, so called in at Tesco on the way back to fill the fridge with grapefruit juice again. Feel as if I have to start again straight away, it's the only thing I can think of that would begin to make the pain begin to go.
    Just wondered how long people had off school afterwards? Have been signed off this week, then half term next week. I know it's a long time until then, and hopefully I will have got my head round it a bit more by then.
    Hope everyone is doing OK today
  14. I had two weeks off. I tried to go back a week ago but completely freaked out as I was so overwhelmed with everyone asking if I was OK. I came back yesterday to the joyous news that we have Ofsted in tomorrow and thurs!! Gutted.. the doctor was prepared to sign me off until whenever I wanted aswell!!

    But yeah, to echo advice. As teachers were always feel obliged to soldier on....but dont. Go back whenever you feel ready.
  15. nawoods

    nawoods New commenter

    Sorry hungryhippos - sending big hugs (( ))
    I had quite a long time off after my miscarriage in december. I had a natural mc - no intervention needed so physically I was better in about 2 weeks. Mentally however I was a complete mess. I got through Christmas - it was a bit of a blur and distraction, but as soon as January came reality set in. I found it hard to cope, was very emotional. I tried to go back to school 3 times, each time realising it was too soon. My HT was very supportive and encouraged me to take time to get emotionally stronger before returning to work. I have now started back on a phased return and will be going back full time after half term.
    I know everybody copes with mc differently. Some find going back to work a needed distraction but that wasn't for me. DO NOT feel guilty for needing time off.
    I hope you have the support to get you through this x x
  16. Hi

    So sorry for all of you on hear who are going thruogh a really rough time at the moment but as the title such someone wanted uplifting I thought I would share.

    I was pregnant last Summer but had some bleeding at 7 weeks. Had a scan and could see heartbeat etc but was singed off work as had an internal bleed. Luckily had no more bleeding. Then had dating scan but our baby was not big enough to date so made a appointment for 2 weeks later when we were sadly told there was no longer a hearbeat. It was biggst shock of my life as we had had 2 scans when all seemed ok. I choose to have the medical managment of my miscarriage as at th time i could not deal with having to wait for a slot to thearte. I found it ok and not as bad as some of the stories I read online.

    Then just before Christmas I found out that I was pregnant again. I waws terrified and have been up until yesterday when we had our dating scan and luckily for us this time everything appears and looks fine.

    So even though it is the worst time it does get easier and found I just had to sit it out and that the grief would be easier in time. i still think about my littel bean especially when I found out I was pregnant again.

    So big hugs to you all and hang in there

    life sorts itselft out

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