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Trying to return to full time teaching?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by tabath, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. tabath

    tabath New commenter

    Kids are older now so can cope a bit better.......I 'd rather do supply but thats obviously a no goer so looking at going back full time. Problem is its 9 years since I taught full time and a year from last June was last time I did any suppply. Not a lot of jobs for me to apply for but have applied for them and not even got an interview.I think maybe the fact I am M6 is putting employers off but I can't really apply for 2nds or heads of dept having been out for so long so I'm sort of stuck. Have thought about doing the RTT course and maybe a few others to get the Cert. Is this any use ?
  2. Depending on your location, some institutions run Return to Teaching courses. However, as funding is being cut, you can waste a lot of time applying for these, only to find that, after repeated postponments, they never happen.
    Institutions put forward a bid to run a course, depending on the number of people they can sign up. When they have enough people, they apply for the funding, which might now not be so forthcoming, so the course is postponed. When the institution tries again, some of the people whom they signed up are no longer available, so the numbers are not enough to attract funding, so there is another postponement while new people are rustled up...............


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