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'Trying to make work' V 'acceptance and allowing life to happen?'

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Happyregardless, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Happyregardless

    Happyregardless Occasional commenter

    Up until recently I have worked 'full time', but on supply, with one particular agency.Before them, i was with another, who equally did not give me cause to go and register with another agency, as they kept me busy. The only reason I registered with my current agency was because of a little bit of a slow start to the previous Autumn Term. This September the start seems very slow - AKA no work at all, although I guess it is still 'early days?'. Looking back to last year, I had some days under my belt by now? Consequently, I have been half in a state of 'acceptance and allowing' - this is just how it is - something will turn up soon and the other (ego) side of me being almost ridicuously, 'stressy' and proactive and registering with other agencies. I even looked on Job Centre search for 'teacher' and saw what seems like shed loads of Teaching posts, but it seems all 'hooks' from other agencies?

    How far do I go down this route of 'let's just spread the net wider and register with (yet) another agency" when I know half of it is time wasting: you register with an agency and never hear from them again, or you register and then are booked up full time with another anyway?

    I know 'it doesn't hurt' to be proactive and cast your net wider in terms of work opportunities, but going by how I feel - sometimes I feel worse or stressy when I'm running about trying to register with more agencies? Like yesterday, I went from my usual calm and mellow self to stressed, irritated and hacked off just from the general commute/driving behaviour of others, driving to register with another agency?

    Sorry It's a bit of moan, but when you just have that expectation that you will be working because you're used to XYZ agencies calling you to go into work, it seems more hard work to be 'out of work' than in it at times?
  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    I would not bother registering with more than three agencies.

    I haven't had any work either, but my first day back last September was the 17th and from then on was busy. It is, therefore, early days since schools have been back less than two weeks.

    There may be more teachers available for work this year as more and more teachers want to leave full-time posts and some do supply until something better turns up.

    We all know how you feel and no one is immune from that feeling of wanting to work, but no phone calls. All you can do look around for other work to supplement the supply work and try to stay busy and positive.
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  3. gingerhobo48

    gingerhobo48 Star commenter

    I agree with pepper, 3 is plenty enough. I went through a phase (before we had to pay for our DBS or register it online) where I was always signing up with agencies. I found it really stressful and depressing as they really bigged themselves up and made you feel like they would definitely be finding you work, for the stark reality and simple truth to be that you never had ANY work from them.I am a lot older and wiser now. I was so disappointed with one consultant in particular because he was certain he would be able to find me as much work as I wanted in these 2 areas I particularly wanted to work in. Once I signed up with them it was like he dropped off the Earth:(.
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  4. Happyregardless

    Happyregardless Occasional commenter

    Thanks for you replies - shouldn't really have worried, as booked out next week now! (at an agency I only registered with yesterday!) so I guess it WAS worth it, although i agree with you gingerhobo48, sometimes you register with an agency and never a peep from them again! It's always 'all or nothing' isn't it?! Will be wishing for a break again soon no doubt lol!
    pepper5 likes this.
  5. peakster

    peakster Star commenter

    I joined one agency one day - went for an interview they sent me on the next day and started at the school two days after the interview.

    The agency I'd worked for until then were a bit miffed but there you go.
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  6. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter


    So pleased for you happy regardless. Well done.

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