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Trying to make SMT understand! HELP!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Flower13, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Hi
    My school is on the verge of special measures, everybody is very unhappy and our LA have give us a time limit to improve. My problem is that SMT expect me to do what everybody else is doing i.e. focus and literacy and numeracy and no much else! I am really struggling to manage literacy planning with a serious focus on pulling up the middle ability, do the same for numeracy and run an early years classroom too! I did a maths input this morning and really felt that I had failed my LA children as they still can't count to 3! And what is really sad is that I haven't got enough hours in the say to help them!

    Anyway my point being that I need help in trying to make SMT understand that we are supposed to be fun and child lead and play based, I can't seem to get through to them that whilst I sped all my morning doing lit and num groups and my afternoons doing guided reading that I can't observe the children, evaluate the environment to see whats working or further the childrens interests on learning.

    I have been to the head numerous times. I have asked to go and see another yr R class and then feedback what they do as I thought this approach may work, me feeding back what others do in the hope that they say oh why don't you do that!
    I have even been to see the LA AST for early years and given the head feedback, all failed to make an impression!

    Sorry about the rant, hope it makes sense, any ideas welcome as I have run out!x
  2. Also very sorry about all the spelling mistakes! I really did rant!x
  3. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    I once knew of a situation similar to yours. The teacher in the end ot in the senior EY advisor who then spoke to the head. The trouble is the head was so entrenched in their views that they denied the advisor had agreed with the teacher. Make sure any outside source feedback is given with both you and head present together.
    Our head had a bee in their bonnet about something that was totally unreasonable and unworkable. We got in our favourite advisor in, in the hope that she would back us up. We were disappointed at first as she didnt really say anything and only suggested a school to visit with the head, which we did. It was only when we got there and were shown around by the head, that we realised it had been specifically chosen to get our message across. The head of the other school could have been reading off a script we had given her. It had the immediate effect on our head, who seemed to take the message better from a peer rather than us or an advisor.
    You may have to just carry on as best as you can and hope that ofsted backs up your views. If ofsted when observing you seem to give feedback that looks as though you personally are going to get it in the neck, make it clear how you would like to teach and have a plan of how you would change the current situation. That way it will be smt who will get the stick.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I have once again asked for a visit to another reception class today and have also asked for a member of SMT to come as well! Doubt I will be listened to but we shall see.
  5. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    You are one of those lose lose situations.
    You will get it in the neck if OFSTED don't like xyz and get it in the neck if you don't flog literacy and numeracy. You will also get it in the neck if the school is under scrutiny because, you are a sitting target in terms of your SMT not giving you enough support or having enough knowledge themselves to help you out - if they get any grief they will just all stand and point the finger at you.
    What is your School Improvement Partner like?
    You need real help from your Early Years Advisory team.
    Are you in a cluster of schools? Are there any good early years people there who could come out to help you?
    You need
    excellent workshop povision
    small group work (not too much carpet time, yours are just not ready
    enhancements to every workshop area which flash Literacy Literacy Literacy or Numeracy Numeracy Numeracy
    and you need two display areas which are rich in targets but beautiful to look at
    so go on line and get numicon resources downloaded and put them up as a display - look at the displays on their website and use these to get your juices flowing
    and another display to be your guided reading book or Book of the Week and to have an artistically flairful reference to the book, the themes, the vocabulary of the week or month.
    And another of early years style display targets - we are learning to (whatever) put on rockets, or any other kind of delightful image photos of the children engaged in play or whatever Just big big big it up.
    Then go back to showing them how to play properly in the water tray without getting all their clothes wet and causing floods in the locality
    Trust me, the key is in your displays and enhancements. (Yes, I know the kinder have trashed everything you own and everything they love) but scrape around for drapes and pictures and posters and bits and bob.
    And if your classroom space is already georgeous then really........?

  6. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    Then send your ht to me for a big poke with my pointy stick.
  7. This made me smile! Which was very much needed! Thanks for all your advice, will print off your email and do a checklist tomorrow and see what I already have and what can be improved further.

    Will check out those websites too

    Thank you very much

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