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Trying to make myself employable but ITT providers not liking it - Fed Up :(

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by EmilyStar, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. Thats really tough and I'm sorry to hear you have not yet had an interview. What degree classification do you have? Do you have your GCSE's etc.? Could you do more voluntary work in schools or even a museum to boost your application? I completely understand your frustration. I think many of us have been surprised by this round of PGCE applications across all subjects. Can you get any specific feedback from the ITT providers to say what they are looking for. I never realised getting on a training course was so difficult. I'm sure job interviews are less demanding! (Speaking as a governor who has interviewed quite a few prospective teachers). I hope you get onto a course very soon. Good luck.
  2. Your application is fatally flawed by not concentrating on one subject and showing commitment to it. Those who try to 'hedge their bet' by applying to different courses are usually first to be eliminated at shortlisting. While I understand your reason for wanting to do two subjects, PGCE isn't geared to it and it's up to you to enhance your job prospect, by taking subsidiary modules for your degree (too late I know) or focusing on your other A level passes.For NQT posts, schools understand you have only done one subject for PGCE and will concentrate on supporting you for your induction in your specialist subject. Later on you can get experience doing some teaching in other subjects to enhance your promotion prospects.
  3. lucie19

    lucie19 New commenter

    I see.
    I have over 5 years experience in a classroom as a TA and have a 2:1 degree in History. I took the post grad course to enhance my opportunities not hinder them. Just feeling really sad that I have tried everything I can to show that I am good at what I do and passionate about my subject and teaching and yet it still does not seem enough
  4. lucie19

    lucie19 New commenter

    ps. I am not cross at the ITT providers or anyone else for that matter just really frustrated by the whole process and although I'm not planning to throw in the towel anytime soon, the stress and heartache is getting me down :/

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