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Trying to get pregnant

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by miz, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Moriarty - I'm sure even the cheaper tests have to meet standards. I have been a bit ott with the pg tests this week, but in frustration of no period!
  2. Natsplat - huge congratulations! Thanks so much for saying about the cramping as well - I have had some too - very on and off- but nothing like a usual period (which is good because I don't think I'd be allowed to take the industrial strength painkillers I normally have!) Just looked on a website which said it could be wind. Great!

    Today's HCG was 320, so it is now doubling at a rate of once every 2 days. My Dr says that this is not great, but all the websites I have been on say it should double every 48-72 hours, so don't really understand. 320 isn't great at this stage (below median) but minimum value for a viable pregnancy at this stage is something ridiculously low like 8 so it's not all bad (and I just keep thinking about all the women who say they were a week late when they got their first +ve test - I am only a week late now!)

    Am having another blood test and a scan on Tuesday. Scan will only tell if it is in the right place (and it may still be too soon). Need to keep going for another week after that to get a heartbeat.

    Just showed my oh this thread and all your posts and he says you all sound lovely and to thank you for all the help that reading your posts gives me.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  3. Ok-first cycle was 29 days then...nothing. Should have come on 17th June. A few crampy aches...bit like wind over the last few weeks. Nothign else.

    Test negative. Advice please...
  4. No? Oh well...will check back later.
  5. Moriarty- go to docs if all coming out neg but you still feel strane and no period.

    Can't wait to go to docs on friday as then i plan on telling my brother, sister and cousin. And prob my best friend too. Everyone else will have to wait!!!

    Did another test y'day just to "check" (that's the 4th one!) and the +ve showed up even before the strip to say test as worked!!!
  6. Congratulations, Natsplat!!! I've been following this thread with interest as I've just come off the pill, planning on trying to get pregnant next year but knowing it could be difficult due to endometriosis and other reasons. I'm really happy for you and rooting for everyone else.

    Love from Will
  7. Thanks Will
    I've got my fingers crossed for everybody else on here too.
  8. Just out of interest Nats, did you test using the Homehealth blue sticks or did you buy more expensive ones? I don't seem to have had much luck with the OPKs this month and am wondering about buying others. I did a pg test today just in case (think I really should hide them!) and I don't think there was a line, but the more you stare at it the more you think you can convince yourself there is something there!
    Enjoy telling people Natsplat!
  9. Congrats Natsplat! Keep us informed of what's going on!
  10. Because i had sore breasts i tested quite early with cheap store ones- pack of two. Was convinced that the second one had a VERY pale line, but i could well have been imagining that!! I never bothered buying cxheapies off net as was convinced it would take forever to sort periods/ovulation out.
    Left it a few days then bought some of the clearblue ones- what a rip off??? nearly £12 for two tests. Did one at lunch time which was +ve. Did another when i got home but that was really pale (prob cos of less hormone in urine). So bought another double pack...did one following morning that was +ve. Did anther y'day!
  11. This is my problem too I think-possibly cheap Asda tests and very early. Boobs kill today, keep accidently catching them....so no need for that!

    Might have to invest in more expensive ones. Dunno, could be imagining everything.
  12. How long did you test after you were late Nats?
  13. Well I have no cycle to talk of. This was the first month that i actually ovulated...after the 5 day course of progesterone tablets.

    I think ovulation occured on the 11th June (or maybe 14th). The first proper positive i got was the 27th- so either 16 or 13 days after ovulation.
  14. Yes - I think having the cheapy ones that came free with the OPK tests is probably not very helpful, as they are just too tempting but possibly not very reliable. I think I am 4 days late, but only if I go on the assumption of having a 28day cycle. I have absolutely no symptoms :~( so it is more likely that I am just irregular! Am also now thinking that we probably BD'd too early anyway as my period hasn't come yet so probably got ov time wrong anyway! Oh well. Summer hols will allow for more baby making - just don't want to let it take over. Hurrah for this forum! Still delighted for you Natsplat :~)))
  15. RKM



    I've just weighted myself after being on metformin for a month and i have lost a lot of weight. I'm so sad. Sometimes i think this will never happen!!!!!!!!
  16. RKM


    i was suppossed to say NOT Lost a lot of weight
  17. (((((((((((((((RKM)))))))))))))))
    Could stress be linked ot weight loss?
  18. Oh! Crumbs now my post is all wrong :~(
  19. RKM


    mine was wrong 2 begin with!!!

    Losts of people I know had been sick and a loss of appetite with these tablets. I wish I had those symptoms.

    I have totally changed my diet and I go to the gym or go walking and in a month i have lost a grand total of 2 F&^%ING POUNDS
  20. I just cant get to grips with this ovulation malarkey

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