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Trying to get pregnant

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by miz, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. miz



    Thanks for your message - I read this thread all the time - although I ahve not posted for a while as there is nothing new to report. First two cycles of chlomid did not work - have had a month off the chlomid as period was stop start and I could not work out which day to start taking it. Will try again next month.

    It is always nice to hear positive experiences.

    merepeka - I am thinking of you (and if I have understood the situation right am keeping my fingers crossed for you).
  2. Hi all, it's been comforting reading this thread but disappointed not to see more posts from men. I've been married for 4 years, I'm 33 and wife is 37. She has fibroids and, while having the op to remove the fibroids, they found endometreosis as well. The doctor told us then (about 2 years ago) that there was little chance of having children though did refer us to a fertility specialist. We started the process but it was putting so much pressure on our relationship we decided to stop.
    It's been really difficult though we're now at the stage of talking about it freely. It's hard for men too when you see pregnant women. I too dread hearing about friends/relatives becoming parents. I'm the last one in my family to have no children and it takes some dealing with. I just had to make the choice: a) stay with the woman I love and never have children or b)leave. My wife even said she wouldn't blame me if I did go. The dilemma ate me up for months; even though I've decided to stay, it doesn't stop the 'what if' question.
    I know how painful it is and I hope the posters on here either get lucky or find peace in childlessness. Not saying I'm at that stage yet but I know it's possible.
  3. ((dp)
    Your post actually brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for your comments- it is good to read things from a male perspective too.
  4. What an honest post. (((dp))
    Thank you for sharing.
    Thrusg again, no period as yet.
  5. Have officially given up trying to figure out if I am late or not. If I get pregnant then it'll be a nice surprise!I'm much more interested in everyone elses situation lol!
  6. miz


    Thanks dp - it is really nice to hear a male perspective. I don't know about the others but I know hubby is upset by the whole thing but he does not talk about it. It is reassuring to hear that men are as affected and I hope that you do some out the other side soon.

    It is hard to not get swalled up in bitterness and hatred - I know as a person I have changed and can only blame it on this situation.

    It has, however, brought me and hubby much closer together. I have given him the choice to go and find someone who can have children but he reassures me that that will never happen.

    (((hugs)))) to you all.
  7. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    It nearly splitus up, I had 2 very early miscarriages, 1 at 11 weeks, then an ectopic, tube burst, emergency, ambulance to hospital, tube removed and appendix for good measure. Hysterosalpingogram (gas blown through tubes) showed the other tube was blocked. Referred to Robert Winston, he did another laparoscopy, hen tubal rebuild, still no luck so IVF. 3 embryoes replaced but the only 1 that took decided to do so in the rebuilt tube, so another ectopic. So the other tube was removed, finally parents paid for a last try but even though 3 embryoes were created, none took.
  8. miz- can you keep your fingers crossed til Saturday please? I have another blood test...

    Tuesday's blood test (day 28) showed my hcg was 81 so it doubled every day since last Sat. And 81 is enough for a +ve home pregnancy test! (haven't done one but am tempted just so I can know what it feels like to get a +ve)

    And my new Dr says the progesterone level isn't great but it is high enough to suspect that whatever is going on is not ectopic. Have no symptoms of pregnancy that I can pick up apart from no period (and I am never late). The HCG and progesterone levels are pretty low but they are within the normal range (which is admittedly huge). So there is a slim possibility of some good news at last....I'm so cross with the nurse who gave me the blood test results on Sat, she told me and then my oh that there was absolutely no chance of a viable pregnancy!

    I thought long and hard before posting this because sometimes I get really upset when I hear about other people's good news. But I figured from your posts that you are all probably more generous than me and there are times when reading this thread has really got me through (I've never been brave enough to go on any "infertility" websites).

    Good luck to everyone, I'll let you know what happens on Sat (I'm either 11 or 13 hours ahead of UK, can never remember which).


  9. miz


    My fingers are well and truely crossed for you.

    Thanks for posting - I know what you mean about hearing good news but I did start this thread to give me and others hope and you are doing that.

    Whilst someone's good news is a kick in the teeth at times - good news from someone who is not used to good news in this area is hope for us all.

    It is only really those who get pregnant straight away and don't appreciate it that really upset me.

    Genuine good news stories are always hopeful.

    I can understand how you feel about wanting to see a +ve test.

    I have only ever seen my sisters - Just having a +ve test - even if it did not continue through - would be a step in the right direction - horrible as that sounds.

  10. I don't want to upset anyone today but feel i have to post this sooner rather than later. Yesterday i did a pregnancy test and it was positive. Did it again this morning too.
    It is still very early days so please keep your fingers crossed for me that everything goes ok and i'll send lots of baby dust your way to wish you luck with ttc.
    Love to you all
  11. I have been reading this thread and hope the baby dust has work its magic for you natsplat .. and will soon for other posters.
  12. Congratulations Natsplat...I am really happy to hear that things are working out for you.

    At the moment I can't get the doctors to return my call about my dodgy smear test. Not meaning to be melodramatic, but the time could be an issue if I had something awful like cancer.

    really really really annoyed
  13. As someone said the other day, I have just been waiting for the day that one of us posts to say we are pregnant - possibly two in one week is unbelievable! Babydust, love, strength and everything to you all!!!
    It doesn't matter that some of us are still trying - it just makes us even more pleased for you as we know what you are going through!!!
  14. Thanks for your nice posts. Was quite hard to word, so just went for it!!
    OH desperate to tell someone- we went to my Mums but she had a friend there so didn't tell her.
  15. miz



    I know the blood test isn't until tomorrow - good luck for it. Do you find out the resukt instantly or do you have to wait a few days?

    How are you feeling at the moment?

  16. miz



    Congratulations - keep us informed. Just because you are a success story does not mean you can get away with defecting to the maternity thread!!! We are still interested. Well done.
  17. Nats - congratulations! I'm so pleased for you. You must be over the moon! Look after yourself and make sure you keep us updated! x
  18. Nats - do you feel pregnant?! How do you tell?!
    My period is 'late'(if that's possible with my cycle!), but I don't feel any different and tests are negative. You are now our font of knowledge! Hope it's nice on cloud nine! xxxx
  19. Lol@ all your comments! I won't leave you all now.

    About 3/4 days after +ve ovulation i started to get really tender nipples, this then expanded to whole breast. Sore whn touched and when going up and down stairs!!! This is really unlike me even during period. So thought it might be possible, but seeing as we had only BD'd once thought probably not!! Then started to feel nauseous. But have had period type pains, which seem to have gone off now.

    Got doctors next friday to confirm though, so fingers crossed. Told Mum earlier!
  20. Congrats Nats! Briliant news.

    Hows everyone else? Dunno about you, did a test that was negative on Wednesday. Not sure if ASDA's own tests are very accurate. Any ideas??

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