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Trying to get pregnant

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by miz, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. The signs sound positive Nats - something hormonal is clearly happening.
    Happy Friday everyone x
  2. What are you all doing regarding the new advice to not drink at all when ttc??
    I've never drunk very much and now we tend to go out at the weekend and i have 2/3 bottles of cider. Last night only had 1 though. Not sure whether to stop completely...but could be ages until actually conceive. Never used to drink at all so in some ways it wouldn't bother me.
  3. No-it hasnt turned up...that's what I am saying. I am overdue by a couple of days. Not much right now but still hasnt turned up. And with my IBS being bad again its difficult to tell whats PMT and whats stomach ache for other reasons.

  4. Has you have had 220 previous threads. I hope you DO read this. WE ARE HAVING A BABY - or rather my sister-in-law and brother are. It has been FOURTEEN years and she is 39 he 41. Were told that it was highly highly unlikely to the point that they have NEVER used contraception. Were accepted for an IVF cycle but sister-in-law felt odd just before first appointment. Did a test because a sixth sense told her to and countless others before getting it confirmed. Baby is due at Christmas. There is a God after all so do not give up. Please, it might still happen.
    A number of things can prevent it or make it hard. eg in their case, my brother had mumps at 14 and my his wife was found to have thyroid problems both factors in not getting pregnant. GOOD LUCK
  5. Thanks for sharing NT. So happy for you and yours. xx
  6. Thanks for the story of hope...will help all of us ttc feel like we arent alone and it is possible no matter what they say.

    When do you start counting days for your cycle...on the last day of your actual period or the first day of the period itself?

    Am confused as to whether I am overdue or not now...last day 24th May.
  7. Day 1 is first day of your period I believe.
  8. RKM



    Just want to rant.

    My OH and I have had a fight over the most stupidist thing ever, and then I called him CHILDISH. 9/10 its me who gets angry and I just hate feeling this way.

    Over the last couple of months I've been stressed with hospital appointments, work and going for weekly blood tests.

    My OH has been really good but sometimes I just lash out at him and I don't know why?

    I also get angry when I see him playing with my nephew. A few weeks ago it was my nephew's bday and we went to his 1st bday party. DH was there playing with him, which normally doesnt bother me at all, but this time everyone there was saying "i think your DH is trying to tell you something" I bloody know, but I still get angry.
  9. People say the most insensitive things without realising it, but they have no idea how you are feeling.
    It's only natural to feel tetchy and take this out on the one person closest to you. Have you tried talking to him about it - if he knows how you feel he may be more aware in situations such as these.
    HUGS (((((((((((()))))))))))))
  10. RKM


    He does understand, but I can't stop him or even myself playing with kids.

    My parent and sisters know the situation, and I really don't want to tell the whole world.

    I just dont know what to do about my anger. He is upstairs and I'm downstairs. It will be like this for a couple of days cause I'm the stubborn 1.
  11. Have you thought about having some counselling while you go through this? I have had counselling in the past and found it so beneficial in focusing my feelings into one session a week and then living a normal life the rest of the time.
  12. (((rkm))) It's so difficult isn't it.

    Thanks for sharing neverthought- it's good to hear stories from both sides.

    Sorry moriarty- was tired when i replied so got a bit confused!
    BTW the first day of your cycle is the first day of proper blood flow (not spotting).
  13. Clomid the wonder drug strikes again! Have taken it twice now (not including the two months when I was pregnant but the clinic didn't spot it) and managed to get pregnant twice. First time was ectopic, second time I just found out yesterday that the pregnancy is not viable because my HCG level is 10 and it should be at least 10 times higher. We were trying for 12 months before they gave us Clomid even though they already knew I was not ovulating. Why is it so hard? You think you have fixed one problem and the next one just comes along and hits you in the face. I work with two women my age who got pregnant the first month they tried and whose biggest pregnancy related worry seems to be which kind of stroller to buy! Feeling really fed up just now especially as none of my friends ever make the effort to ask me how I am doing and they all know about the infertility issue. And when I try to bring it up they just change the subject (or cut me off mid sentence to babble to their babies).

    Should be starting IVF in August but probably won't get this prob fixed in time now. And I wonder what is the point anyway cos there's bound to be another problem with that treatment? Don't think I can face any more disappointment - good things don't happen to me.
  14. (((merepeka)))
    I can't say that i truly understand as am not that far into things. Did they say what next?
  15. Er...still confused. 19th to now then.that's 36 days if I am adding it up correctly.

    Is that wrong? Soooooo confusing. I don't know now...
  16. moriarty- have you ovulated?? If not then that might be why you have not had aperiod. That's part of the reason why I started to use fertilityfriend- just to see if i was ovulating. Still not 100% sure but helps to give me something to look at and also can then take it to the specialist too.

  17. I have no idea. How are you supposed to know that? Its all too diffiuclt for me.

    Whats with that second thread and the apology? I just said I didnt understand why there were 3 posts for one thing. I dunno...
  18. Think she's being a bit sensitive that's all!!!

    Check cervical mucus daily- around ov time it should be like egg white- clear(ish) and quite stretchy. This is the best type of ucus for sperm to travel in.

    Temperature- on day of ov temp will drop and then will rise afterwards.

    You can also check cervic position (bit weird this one and quite "serious")- put fingers inside- cervix will be high up and soft.

    TMI i know!!!
  19. That's just it natsplat, they don't know what to do. It may be another ectopic (unlikely) but they are prob just going to wait and see if it resolves itself i.e. I get my period but nothing ever happens straightforwardly for me. We should be starting IVF in 6 weeks but it took 3 months to resolve the ectopic so I'm not hopeful! I thought they might give me the abortion pill but I'm not sure it is legal here.

    On the subject of mucus - my dr told me that not everyone gets the egg-white stuff. Both times I got pregnant we just did it at least once a day from day 9 to day 14 (I ovulate on day 13 usually), so that there was always something there for the egg. I know you're not supposed to do it every day but my oh has pretty average sperm count results so i figure it can't hurt!

    Good luck everyone - every time I come on here I wish for one of you to have posted that you've been successful....
  20. merepeka- how sad for you
    Some people just get water cervic mucus not egg white. You also need to know when you ovulate. What a pain this all is.

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