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Trying to get pregnant

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by miz, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. NN,

    Have you looked at www.fertilityfriend.com ? You can track temperature, cervical secretions etc. on there for free; it calculates when you have ovulated, and when your fertile times are. I've found it really usefull. (I've been ttc for 16 months, had 2 m/c in that time, and am now on clomid...)

  2. Thank you PS - popping over there now.x
  3. Me too!!
  4. It's brilliant. You can also put in loads of infor on meds you are taking, and also compare your chart with similar ones.
  5. Thank you - have registered and it looks good. A really useful way to remember eveything especially as I am always attached to my laptop so will remember to fill it in!!

  6. I've been on fertilityfriend for a little while now- makes it much easier to track everything.
    We can look at each others too. If you go to the sharing part you can get the link for your charts.

    Here's mine
  7. I think i might have ovulated about 6 days ago. Approx 4 days ago my breasts started hurting and my nipples are very sensitive and sticking out (and i'm not cold!!!). Is there a chance this could be down to pregnancy or just pre period thing, though this isn't "normal" for me? LOL
    I think i'm getting a bit obsessed and willing to class anything as a possible sympton!!!
  8. I know what you mean! I decided I was glowing today and we only had sex yesterday morning! Had to give myself a reality check!
    My friend had the nipple symtoms for a week before her first period after coming off the pill. My other friend who is now a mummy said that the boobage symptoms were her first! So, who knows... wait till the right time and then just test!
    I have now exhausted my supply of ov sticks too so need to rebuy - thanks for the chart link Nats - will look and try and work out how to share. Never thought I'd be sharing a chart of when I have had sex with a stranger! Although people on here seem like friends now!
    Love to all xx
    PS anyone just watch Eastenders? Now that May is a lesson to us all!!!
  9. It is a bit bizarre, talking about all of this with strangers- though actually easier than talking to "friends" i reckon!

    I hope none of us get as bad as May- surely she represents a VERY small number of women. Am quite surprised e'enders have taken the story so far.
  10. I am so frustrated! Ov sticks showing ****** all now, feeling tearful so probably AF on the way next week. I think I need to buy the proper ov tests as the ones I have are a bit varied - i haven't had a proper line yet but have definitely ovulated as I had a period! What to buy next Nats?
    Starting to think that I will do another whole year at school next year which I really didn't want to do! Watching Trinny and Suzannah which has a mum o f2 at 23 on! aaaahhhhhh
  11. I have the clearblue digital ones that i use if i see a line on the cheapies. But quite expensive, esp if testing more often than a normal cycle.
  12. I have been trying to figure out when I am due a period. I thought it was today...no sign so far. Might come in the next few days as last day was 24th May. No pain though. Hav ehad no brain for last few days, knackered all the time although that might just be stress!

    Wish it would turn up or not turn up then I would maybe have an idea one way or the other.

    Tempted to test if not here by Monday. The question is...glass of wine or no glass of wine just in case?
  13. Glass of wine!

    Am watching "Make Me a Baby" on BBC3 right now - quite scary all the things I've got wrong so far!

    Have read this thread all the way through and it's been really helpful for me. Hope everyone on here is doing well this week.
  14. I'm watching it too - I can't believe there are still people who smoke and/or drink that much when they're trying for a baby.

    I think it will be quite an interesting programme, but I suspect it will depress me once they all start getting pregnant!
  15. It's already depressing me!
  16. I recorded it - MrNN watched it back last night and said that they said using lubricant is a nono? Is this true? I am somewhat - ahem- partial to a little KY!
  17. Apparently so! Even saliva was a bad idea!
  18. I am really not sure I could manage without! But presumably any liquid could in theory dilute the sperm? I was quite pleased that MrNN showed such an interest in it, as I have tried very hard to explain the whole ovulation etc thing to him and he seems totally disinterested!
  19. The waiting for this months period has started...Thursday+1
  20. Well at least it has turned up and you are not left hanging on.
    Am now 11dpo (days post ovulation- well that's if i actually did ovulate!!) and waiting to see if period going to come.
    Still got very tender breasts which is a pain cos if i accidentally touch them it kills!!! Did pg test earlier but negative. Didn't expect a positive though so not upset or anything.

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