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Trying to get pregnant

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by miz, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. You do know a lot...

    NN-I've waited and it's definitely not a period.

    Had cup of tea today and it tasted like metal. Think it was the cup or the tea urn though! :) Have been really tired the last week though.
  2. Well that all sounds promising moriarty! I'm assuming here is a possibility you could be pregnant. When will it be time to test???
  3. I dont know. Is there a special time or do I just wait to throw up lol!! Its two weeks til I should come on.
  4. Do you know if you have ovulated since last having a period?
  5. Hi,

    I am so glad to have found this thread on the TES, there only seemed to be pregnant ones! I have just had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago and had a week off work, and am now trying to get my head together so we can try again. I can't tell you how gutted I am and how desperate I am to get pregnant again, even more than the first time which was saying something!

    The most depressing thing is that I don't want to stay in teaching and had got quite used to the idea of leaving in October/November. Am enjoying my job even less now :(

    Good luck to everyone, I will have a read-through of your posts when I have a minute (as if!)
  6. (((boing)))
    Welcome to the thread. Sorry to hear about your recent loss. It's been good posting on here. It helps to tak...and it helps even more when it's anonymous.
  7. Ditto.
    Still no signs of ov CD18 - what day is average to ovulate?
    Feeling a bit poo.
    Bored of all the waiting.
  8. I guess it would probably be between day 14 and 18 for a 28-30 day cycle depending on the length of your luteal period (the time after you ovulate and before period). The average time for this is 14 days.
    If my +ve on opk was correct my ovulation day would be either 22 or 22...but temps are confirming ovulation at the moment. Oh well.
  9. hi everyone...have been reading this thread for ages but haven't posted yet. Just want to have a whinge really. I came of the BCP last Summer to try for a baby and haven't had a period since. My GP fobbed me off for a while and then agreed to send me to the gynae.

    Anyway, I had my appointment with her in mid May. I was due a smear so asked her to do it 'while she was at it' and she sent me for some blood tests etc. Today I got a letter through the post saying my smear is borderline and that I need to have a colposcopy.

    I know I will probably be fine but I can't believe everything that is going on. I thought my lack of cycle was the biggest problem - and now this ******..... :( Who would have thought it would be this hard?
  10. Boing, thanks for posting and I was sorry to hear about your miscarriage. My sister had one at Christmas and it is only now that she's expecting again that she has begun to be able to put it behind her.

    Pinklet, thanks for your message - it has reassured me that I am not the only person who has been waiting a year for their period! Isn't it depressing?! I too have been fobbed off a lot, even when I have pushed and asked for things that other people have had such as scans, and I've just been told that those things are not appropriate for me.

    Am going for two separate hospital appointments in a month, one of which is just more blood tests (the third lot) and the other is a synacthen test, which measures my body's ability to produce cortisol (the stress hormone, as they think my prob is stress related).

    Anyway, just wanted you to know you're not the only one who's been waiting so long! Good luck with everything, keep us posted - everyone on here is very supportive.
  11. Thanks everyone, you are so nice :) TTC the first time was annoying but it did only take 3 cycles so I shouldn't complain - it's just all that waiting that does my head in!

    Pinklet and Laws so sorry to hear you haven't even had a period, that must be so annoying. I had a 50 day cycle before TTC and that wait felt sooo long.
    Have doctors mentioned Clomid at all? It's meant to make you ovulate or something, I know my friend who has PCOS is taking it.
  12. 50 days boing - that must have been a nightmare!!

    Nobody's mentioned Clomid to me. I think I'll ask about it when I go for my next appointment (mid-July). I kept being told things aren't appropriate for me since they think my prob is brain-related (ie pituitary) but it can't hurt to ask!
  13. Hello....yeah my gyno mentioned clomid when I went and said it might be an option, but wants my OH to be tested first to make sure it is worth giving it to me. Also she mentioned that I should have a scan etc as well.

    Everything just takes SO long in the NHS. I have been treated really well - it is just all of the waiting that is very wearing. And now with the smear thing it is doubly frustrating.
  14. In answer to your question Nats I dont know. I havent done any tests for it...so I have no idea. I will be due a period again next weekend ish so we will see if it arrives. If not I might give it a week or so and then do a test.

    I have only had one proper period since coming off the pill but have felt really off colour, just not myself for a week or so and my IBS type bloating has come back. I am sleeping loads and well but dont feel like I have slept at all and feel so tired all day.

    I dont think it could be pregnancy...I dont know what I am looking for though. The period definitely didnt appear with the mild cramp and the vague spotting.

    To the newbies..I hope you feel you can share here...we all need to talk and moan sometimes x

  15. Moriarty ...Knowing that you're pregnant comes in various guises. On the pregnancy that I miscarried I just KNEW I was pregnant. A work colleague asked me if I was pregnant at just 6 weeks as she said my face just looked pregnant!! When I miscarried I was in hospital waiting for a scan as I'd been having pains. The first scan confirmed that the baby was alive (13 weeks) but as I lay on the bed an hour or two later I suddenly just KNEW the baby had died as I didn't feel pregnant any more. The next scan confirmed this.

    My next pregnancy was an IVF one and I noticed that the area around my nipples had raised bumps. I didn't tell Mr Diddly as I didn't dare raise his or my hopes but the hospital test at around 5 weeks confirmed my body was getting ready for a little Diddly. I then suffered what is incorrectly called 'morning sickness' 24 hours a day until I was 12 weeks then it tailed off. I was so ill I was signed off work and hardly got off the settee/bed. If you've ever been sea sick then this is exactly how it feels only you can't get off the boat!!

    Pregnancy three was only signalled by no period but the sickness kicked in at week 6 and this time continued to week 15! Very hard with a toddler to care for I can tell you.

    Pregnancy four announced itself during mother and toddlers before I'd even missed a period. I had a cup of tea and as soon as it hit my stomach I wanted to bring it back up. This time the sickness lasted until week 20 before tailing off. By this time of course I had a toddler and a child I had to get to school on time.

    Those of you trying to get pregnant ((((())))). I know I was like a sponge for information when I was in your position so hope the above helps prepare you. I have friends who sailed through pregnancy with no sickness but they had difficult births or caesarians. I had nightmare early pregnancies and couldn't wait for the bit where I 'glowed' but at least my births were problem free.

    Anything you all need to ask (that I can remember the answer to) I'm glad to help. x

  16. Hey diddley-thanks so much for everythig you said, its great to hear from people that have been through it all and all the different ways pregnancy appears.

    I am still not sure what is going on with me. I had bad IBS the other day and took a dulcolax thingy and thought that would maek me feel more myslef again. It helped but I still feel so tired all the time and just not quite right. It could just be a virus. The last few days I have had a wierd ache at the base of my tummy and have felt a little nauseous(sp?)but not so bad and there is a bug going aroudn the kids at school.

    Again...its a wait and see situation. I still dont understand when you are supposed to ovulate etc but I am just gonna try to not think about it and let things happen.

    Hope everyone is well xx
  17. Good thanks Moriarty. Two friends have announced their PGs so trying to be all smiley and congratulatory! Sticks showing that faintish line again that was there last time I ovulated - which is aorund day 21 I think - need to get myself a calendar and try to work out what on earth all these dates mean.
    Hey diddley - lovely to hear your stories. One of our friends was absolutely sure that our other friend (who told us she was pg this week) was pregnant as she could just tell!
    Can't help but keep adding 9 months onto the current month - getting pg now would mean working up to Feb half term ish. Really would like this summer term to be my last!!
    Babythoughts to all x
  18. NN-I feel for you with all those people around you but try not to get downhearted :)

  19. Thanks. One of the girls knows we are TTC and was on the doorstep with wine half an hour after the phonecalls had goien round! xx
  20. Bless her!


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