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Trying to get pregnant

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by miz, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. miz


    Hope fully this will be a supportive thread for those of us wanting a baby.

    We have been trying for 6 years - had various tests which resulted in me knowing I don't always ovulate and have endometriosis - neither of which are helping.

    Now started a three month course of chlomid

    Advice, help, anecdotes etc all welcome and requested and hopefully we can all support each other a little.
  2. miz


    Hope fully this will be a supportive thread for those of us wanting a baby.

    We have been trying for 6 years - had various tests which resulted in me knowing I don't always ovulate and have endometriosis - neither of which are helping.

    Now started a three month course of chlomid

    Advice, help, anecdotes etc all welcome and requested and hopefully we can all support each other a little.
  3. Thanks for the tips fluffykat and congratulations on the imminent birth! Don't worry about upsetting anyone, I think everyone is genuinely pleased when someone is pregnant, maybe just a little jealous!

    My problem isn't actually getting pregnant, it is getting a period. I read that you sometimes went 3 months without one, well I have now been 12 months and still waiting! I will certainly bear in mind your sex tip and look at the billings method when I do finally get my period though!
  4. miz


    laws is totally right - I like to hear success stories - I get jealous but they give me hope.

    However, I do hate stories of x who wanted a baby next june to coincide with a special date and who got pregnant straight away - that just annoys me to hell!!!
  5. Hi everyone

    This thread caught my eye and I have been really moved by all the support and advice you show each other.
    I'm pretty much in the same boat - my partner and I tried for 5 years (without help from the dr) to concieve and just as I was insisting on him going for a sperm count - voila! I got pregnant!and I had a lovely baby boy.

    That was 4 years ago and we're still trying for no.2.
    I've seen the dr several times about help but as I already have a son then I dont seem to qualify for any help despite the difficulty in conceiving the first time.

    I'm really hoping to be prescribed clomid - I hadnt evan heard about it before reading your posts!
    I cant belive my dr hasnt offered it too me!
    I have no prexisting medical problems - just very irregular menstruation.

    Is anyone in a similar position?

    Anyway - good luck to everyone

    Let the bonking commence....
  6. RKM



    I just saw this thread and I thought I would post.

    I was diagnosed with PCOS last summer. We had been trying for a year but nothing was happening. I thought i may have a problem because for the last 4/ years my periods have been very out of sorts.

    Everytime I went to the dr's they told me I was overweight so go and loose weight and see what happens.

    Auyway last year a new lady dr started at my surgery and she was fantastic. She got me tested scanned and gave me xenical to help loose weight, and, she told me I have PCOS. I was on Xenical for about 3 months and I lost 9kg. I had to do a food diary and after about 3 months the Xenical stopped working, because I wasnt eating enough fat, but even though i was on a low fat diet the weight wasn't dropping.

    Whilst this was going on i was refered to the Fertility clinc at the hospital. At my 1st appointment they did a load to tests to check my ovulation and they basically said i was ovulating.

    I had to have an internal xray and they found one of my tubes were damaged and the other one is slightly blocked.

    I had my second appointment last week and the dr has now prescribed me metformin. He basically said i will need IVF or some other form of consisted conception, but in the meantime because of my weight, the fertility clinic wont put me on the waiting list until i have lost weight.

    So at the moment im on the metaformin, my next appointment is in Novemeber and I need to loose atleast 10% of my weight.

    The metformin has altered my appetite, I havent noticed any major changes in weight yet, but my clothes do feel a little looser.

    I really want to be preganant and I just get fusterated when i see other women get preganant at the drop of a hat. I know i shouldnt feel this but i just want to be preganant.
  7. RKM - it's really good to share how you are feeling - it can all buzz around in your head can't it. What strategies are you trying for the weight loss? I started a new body balance (tai chi, yoga and pilates) course this term and it is fab - really toning and relaxing at the same time. As I posted before, I have also found reflexology to be fantastic. Good luck x
  8. NN-tell me about the body balance...sounds fab.
  9. RKM


    I do a lot of walking. I live in a hilly area so its like natures treadmill.

    HOWEVER Due to work pressure over the last couple of months i havent been walking as much as i use to.

    The problem i have is that my legs tone up beautifully, however my stomach is my major problem. I contanstly look like im 6 months preganant. I just cant shift the weight from that area.

    I also have Insulin Resistance, so i have had to seriously cut down on my carbohydrates.

    I dont eat white rice. I havent had bread in over 6 weeks.(I have cut cut this out since i started on metformin) I have no sugar in my drinks. I eat loads of fruit and salad and have cut out all fried food for the past year.

    I know i have to do more exercise its just finding the time.

  10. Just wanted to see how everyone is doing as I've been away for a while. Is anyone taking Clomid? I have to take it for another three cycles and then we can start IVF, so I'm really crossing my fingers that the Clomid works cos the IVF sounds really stressful!

    Have just recently spent a lot of time with people who have young kids. We really enjoy it but find that some people who know about our problems go out of their way to avoid talking about babies and we find this really hard. Obviously we don't want to spend our whole time talking about us and our problems, but when people don't mention it we feel even more excluded from their world. Does anyone else feel this way too?

  11. Had my first proper period straight away about 2 weks ago...so here was me thinking there was at least 2 weeks til the next one....but NO!

    Last night I thought I had unusually bad stomach ache for this time of the month and I hadnt eaten cream to make my IBS bad. Turns out it could be PMT and I have what could be 'spotting'. Is this normal between periods? Is it the sign of anything?
  12. Wait and see what it develops into Moriarty. Could be just your hormones settling back down? How infuriating though! I'm trying to remember to note all these little things down so that I can trace any patterns. All the best :~)
  13. Thats what I thought. I havent got the stomach ache now. I wanna be pregnant already!
  14. If it is any comfort. My sister is pregnant after 14 years of trying !. She was about to start IVF treatment when she just didn't feel right. Did a test just in case and she was. Don't give up hope, both she and husband were told it was unlikely that IVF would work but to give it one shot. They didn't need to. They will in their 40's but who cares .
  15. Moriarty- it could be a sign of ovulation. Some people get pain and spotting around this time.
    I'm still waiting for signs of ovulation and am about the same part of cycle as you to (I'm currently cd21).
  16. Natsplat...is it? Thanks for that, I was wondering because it isnt turning into anything. Can it happen if you are already pregnant? I dont think I am yet but just wondered.

    The cramps are really random and not really that bad. Just a dull ache but noticable.

    Anyone else got the same?
  17. Nats-what cd21? I am a bit rubbish at all this ovulation/ttc stuff :)
  18. CD= cycle day. CD1 beng the first proper day of your period.

    You can also get implantation bleeding...though not quite sure when this would be expected (eg before period but not sure how long after ovulation. Don't know if you would get cramps with this or not though. It might just be spotting.
    God...i have done so much reading on the internet...i know much more now than i did 9 months ago that's for sure.

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