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Trying to conceive

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by TES_Bev, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. ravenmoon

    ravenmoon New commenter

    Sorry you're feeling poorly liliwhite :(

    Well I'm on CD9, waiting to ov, I my temps and cm indicate I either ovulated on CD15 or 25, but got my internet opks yesterday and today only a faint line, so no surge as of yet! Hoping my cycle isn't as long as 36 days this month!
  2. arh sorry jellybean. Has AF actually arrived? If not there is always hope.
    What rubbish timing Lili. I hope that you are feeling better soon. It's really annoying when something gets in the way of trying. I got a UTI the first month we were trying and so missed ov completely.
    Well i think im on 2DPO (although I'm not sure). Last time I ov'd it was so obvious but that was from my left ovary and this month was my right and i still have twinges now.
    Keep going with the opks Raven but be aware that when i Ov'd only half the line went darker than the control line rather than the whole line like they say it should and i concieved so it was obviously ov'd. (This is why i moved onto the smiley face ones [​IMG] the lines got too confusing for me to read )
  3. Hi everyone! I have just filled in my temps on fertility friend and it says I ovulated on day 20 so I am now 3dpo so on the two week wait again.. We dtd every day for 5 days at the right time so fingers crossed!
    Hope you feel better soon liliwhite..
  4. Hope you feel better soon Liliwhite!

    I am now apparently 10dpo. Trying not to symptom spot(!) but failing. Have been extremely emotional this week. Extreme mood swings at the beginning of the week, and yesterday was so tired I could barely move, plus kept crying or having to try hard not to cry on several occasions. Has been a horribly hard week at work though so could well just be that. Felt better today, but have new problem. I work in a nursery rather than a school, and whilst giving the children breakfast, decided I fancied marmite on toast like them. I do not like marmite, so wasn't sure what to do. Decided to try it, as my colleague said maybe I might like it now, and if I don't then she would finish it for me. So I made said toast, and no, I still don't like marmite. Only had 2 very small bites of it. Trouble is, ever since then I've had the horrible taste of marmite in my mouth, and that was 9 o'clock this morning! I've tried drinking various things, I ate loads for lunch and could even still taste it while I had other food in my mouth, nothing has taken it away! It's also make me salivate tons, and sometimes it tastes like blood.
    Of course, in true obsessive TTC fashion I came home and googled to see if it could be described as a metallic taste (never tried to eat metal so not sure if it tastes like this). I mean, it must just have been the marmite, but barely ate any. Whatever it is, it's not pleasant anyway.
  5. I always associate blood in mouth with a metallic taste, so I guess if you can taste blood then you have now experienced a metallic taste! (soooo tired, my sentences are no longer making sense!)

    And marmite rocks! [​IMG]
  6. I've always associated blood in the mouth with a metallic taste. My reasoning for this (don't laugh!!) is that I have vague memories of putting in 2 pence piece in my mouth as a child. Ever since then when I've had a nosebleed or anything, the taste of blood reminds me of that.
    So yes, blood taste can = metallic taste!!
    But ever since chemical pregnancy last year, I now associate metallic taste with pg, and therefore symptom spotting. I think it's one of the first things my body imagines when I think I may have another symptom. It's so easy for the body to trick you that way!
    So probably not much reassurance there, but just thought I'd let you know about the taste - I've done the practical research of having actually tried to eat metal [​IMG] (as a child though!!)
  7. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    I think having blood as a reference point for the 'metallic taste' is a good one: blood tastes metallic because of the iron in it.
  8. Thanks for replies. Maybe it was metallic then. Had finally gone by the time I woke up this morning. I guess only time will tell if it was significant or my body playing tricks on me again! 11dpo and counting.
  9. Thanks sleepy but I am now definitely out for now - start again next cycle.
    Hope you're feeling better soon Liliwhite
    Anyone know what the current suggestion is for how long you should be ttc before speaking to a dr? I'm sure I'm a bit off yet but just wondering. I am 32 and was on pill for years and years and DH is nearing 40.
    fx all
  10. Sorry to hear that jellybean. Sorry I don't have any advice about how long you have to wait before seeing a doctor.
    Looks like I'm now out as well. Just been to loo and have the very light bleeding I get a few days before AF arrives properly. Oh well.
  11. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Sounds exactly the same as us! I went to my GP after trying for 9 months, expecting really to be told to go away for a few months, but I have a very nice and understanding GP, who basically said I wasn't over the hill yet, but given my age they would run initial blood tests, so that's what they did. I'm going back again next week as I feel I'm losing the plot a little and want to see what they suggest as a next step. I think general guidelines are that you go to your GP after a year, or after 6 months if you're 35+. I guess it depends on what your own GP is like really. Good luck!
  12. Hard luck complicated.
    Thanks for the comments toe, that was about what I expected people to say.
  13. Thanks for the kind messages!
    I'm still not feeling too well and haven't eaten anything else than a bit of rice for 3 days. And my fever went up to 40°C yesterday.
    Needless to say we haven't DTD over the last few days. I'm on CD 17 now, which according to mymonthycycles is my ovulation day.
    Best of luck to everyone!

  14. I think the usual advuce is go to the GP if you've been trying for a year, but if you're 35 or over they recommend to go after 6 months. Like TIW, I went after 9 months and my GP was also really nice and sarted to check bloods, got OH to do a SA, etc. Still no reason why we haven't been successful yet though [​IMG]
    Am halfway through 2ww at the minute. About 6DPO. No 'symptoms' as yet, but no doubt I'll be over-analysing every twinge over the next week!
  15. I just found that mymonthlycycles.com website, thank you! Makes things much clearer without me having to sit and work out which day is which!
    According to that I'm now 1DPO, first time I've ever known that!
    So is this the famous 2 week wait then?! Someone tell me what to do [​IMG]
  16. 1. Scrutinise/analyse every tiny symptom and ask Dr.Google at every opportunity if these are in fact pregnancy symptoms.
    2. Begin to poas at around 5dpo.
    3. Constantly p.oke and pro.od (.) (.) to check for booby-pain.
    4. Surf the net for maternity/baby clothes.
    5. Begin knicker-watch....
    6. Start dtd for fun!
    Ooops....just me then.....[​IMG]
    Just teasing, good luck leesey! Hoping this is your one and only 2WW. x x x

  17. Dr Google has been a friend of mine for a long time. Probably since around the time my mum hid the encyclopedia of medical conditions she used to have around the house... [​IMG]
    Symptom spotting has been a hobby of mine as a hypochondriac of many years! At least this time it might be positive symptom spotting.
    Yip, think I could be the impatient type!!

    I like number 6, and number 3 I seem to get at odd times of the month anyway, but I think if I started doing number 4 my fiance would freak!! I'm probably pushing it at being on this forum. I was literally on this forum within minutes of him okaying the 'letting nature take its course' thing!! I'll just try not to leave the pages open when he's around [​IMG]

  18. [​IMG]
  19. Hi, I'm feeling alive again!![​IMG]
    I recognise myself in everything you just said apart from POAs from 5dpo. So far (this is my 3rd cycle) I have been a very good girl and have waited patiently for AF to come and ruin all my plans. But I do have POAs ready at hand if she is one day late. SHe has never been yet though!
    I'm taking a homeopathic treatment at the moment so that may have changed my OV date slightly (usually it's CD16 or 17). I had something to take at CD14 to help with my ovulation and as we DTD that night, I'm not entirely out of the game yet.[​IMG]
    Oh well, we'll see what happens.

  20. There is no "Easter 2012 babies" thread yet. One of us will be the one starting it very soon now, and we will all join in[​IMG]

    Ok, we might make it the "Easter and summer 2012 thread"[​IMG]

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