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Trying to conceive

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by TES_Bev, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Probably not the appropriate time...?
    From what I understand (though I don't use OPKs) ewcm comes before and during ov. Following ov cm changes as the cervix is 'plugged' pending a pg. Just go for it and see what happens.


  2. he he he
    I was think more of leaving mums early rather than dtd at mums. I think they might get a bit suspicious if we both disappeared and reappeared at the same time. [​IMG]
  3. Plus, when you then put your legs up against the wall to keep all the little suckers inside, you may get a few odd looks......[​IMG]
  4. PS - Welcome Leesey, hope your stay here is a short one! Good luck with your journey. Wouldn't a honeymoon baby be fab??!! x x
  5. Would be!! Hardly ever works out that way I suppose, but that's the plan anyway [​IMG]
  6. Welcome Leesey! And good luck for that honeymoon baby [​IMG]
    I am on cd20 and haven't ovulated yet [​IMG] It's my second month on clomid and I ovulated on cd18 last month.. I'm worried that the clomid hasn't worked this month.. It feels like things are happening but haven't had a positive on an ov stick yet and my temperature hasn't gone up.. I have one ov stick left but just waiting to need to pee so hopfully it will be positive.. We have been dtd every other day anyway so hopefully it will all work out.. What is the latest day other clomid users have ovulated on? I took the clomid from cd2 to cd6..
  7. Yay just did an ov test (my last one!) and it was positive so it looks like I will ovulate after all - phew.. Now just need OH to get home [​IMG]
    Hope everyone is ok..
  8. That was handy cornflower glad you got your positive.
    All is ok here, still waiting for a positive ov test. Had EWCM yesterday and a small amount today but still no positive. Maybe it will be tomorrow. I at least have a line on the cheapie ones today.
    I think I'm on about CD23 (maybe. Still not sure what date should be CD1)
  9. ravenmoon

    ravenmoon New commenter

    Welcome leesy and cheek chalky :)

    Well af has pretty much stopped, CD6 so time to start bding I guess :)

    I either ovulated on CD15 or 25 last month, but I am assuming my body is still wacked up from being off the pill, although its been 3 months. I've brought some cheap opks from the internet so am going to do one every day so I know for sure this month as last month was so frustrating not knowing when I was late.

    Good luck everyone!
  10. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    I also have ov pain and ewcm each month and assume I'm ov-ing as a result of these indicators. Does this mean I could not be ov-ing?? Although the fact is that the day 21 bloods I had done suggested 'probable ov' so I guess it's probably fine, but just another of those bodily annoyances!
    Had a Duofertility e-mail earlier, which drew attention to the fact that had we gone for that (never mentioned it to oh actually) a year ago, we'd either be pg by now or at least have had our money back and felt we'd done something constructive towards having a baby (aside from the obvious of course!)
  11. Went to docs and got referred for bloods. Had those done. Also recommended hubby have sperm tested. Waiting for his results now before I to back to the docs. Yes, first cycle since coming off the pill.
  12. Well after having EWCM on Sunday and Monday I haven't really had any since,it's gone back to being watery. But got a smiley face this morning. woop woop. I'm not sure Toe, I don't think my body is doing normal things so I'm probabily not a good indication. But i was told that you can get EWCM and not Ov and get a positive stick and not Ov and the only way to be sure is to do your temps. At the moment I'm sticking to the hopeful ewcm (but watery is fine), postive stick and pain as an indicator (it worked last time) and using pre-seed in case my cm is being silly and not following the rules. Here's hoping it works again and this time it is a little stickier!
  13. Hi girls,

    CD 13 for me, time does fly! My cycle is generally about 30 days long and I ovulate around CD 17, so we're getting close [​IMG]
    Only DTD once so far, on CD 11, but we'll surely get our bases covered this week.
    Good luck to you all!
  14. Afternoon Ladies.
    Just wanted to say hi. It is too quiet on here. I think we need to start recruiting. LOL
    Good luck Lili.
    Not sure if i have Ov'd I had a smiley face and then this morning no smiley face but then this afternoon i had a positive on an internet cheapie so who knows whats going on. We are just DTD every night for 3 nights and then back to every other night till AF just incase. I really would love it to work this time and stick properly! I am also worried that if it doesn't happen i am going to be so upset as in my head my MC was ok coz will happen next time.
  15. I'm still here! Just don't really have anything new to say - still trying, still not pregnant!

    I'm on CD16, so hopefully have OV'd. Last 3 cycles have been 32 days, 28 days and 26 days so goodness knows what's going on. We've DTD on CD 10, 12 and 14. I'm determined not to symptom spot this month (ha ha ha - that'll last until day 20 by which time I'll be prodding my boobs to see if they are tender and microscopically inspecting the contents of my pants everytime I go to the loo [​IMG])
  16. Good luck with the not symptom spotting spider.
    I have just discovered One Born Every Minute USA and OH is out. Get in, my next hour is sorted.
  17. :-(
    Really got my hopes up this month - despite all my issues in previous postings! But think I'll be out for this month by the weekend.
    Good luck to all.
  18. oh and still want to poas in the morning ... just in case!
  19. Oh, girls, I feel horrible today. CD15. We DTD last night, and when I woke up I felt sick, exhausted (I didn't sleep very well), and now I'm having ovulation type pains. Plus I have a headache and feel cold.
    Already feel like going back to bed (did I mention I lived in France and we're on summer holiday already? [​IMG]).
    Good luck to you all xxx
  20. And I have a fever too (38.5°C). Am shivering all over. Off to bed!

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