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Trying to conceive

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by TES_Bev, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Quick update from 2WW: I'm on CD32 and spotting. It started last night and really isn't like a normal period at all. But it's probably going to transform itself into full AF soon.
  2. Fingers crossed lilli....My temp went down this morning but I'd had a unrestful night's sleep, awake at 2,3 and then 4 for a wee so did temp then. Incorrect maybe? No spotting today and due on today but BFN this morning.....HELP!
  3. Sorry last message looked so garbled, was on my iphone and I didn't realise it would come out like that.
    Just to conclude, the day has not been life improving ...
    - did not get job, [​IMG]
    - realised tickets not life changing! (Have calmed down since this mornings excitment at applying and realised will probably get zip anyway!)
    - and cannot get DH to stop faffing about developing photos and come to bed to dtd without being completely blunt and he expressed previously his feelings about being used just because it could be the right time!
    Feel gutted, want to cry with misery, disappointment and exasperation. Ready for the day to end! In fact generally as emotional as with AF ... anyone else like that at ov?
    Mariposa -don't know what to say, poas tomorrow?
    Moresparkles - your comments do make me smile!
  4. Awake early again and temp back up but only by .2 degrees. No spotting and boobs are ever so slightly sore. Gonna stick today out and perhaps poas tom. 2 pregnancies before I got a BFP at about 13 dpo which is around sun-mon.
  5. Well no need to get a test as mother nature has knocked on the door bang on time. She's never late. So sprinting into month 25. I feel like hiding.
  6. ravenmoon

    ravenmoon New commenter

    Sorry your day was so disappointing jellybean :(

    Well, in CD32 17dpo, still high temps still ache back and abdomen, just took a test and bfn.

    I'm just getting annoyed now. I want af to just get here if I'm not pregnant, so I can move on and plan for next month. Got my sisters birthday party tonight, so annoyed that I don't know if I can drink or not. I mean a negative test is a negative test, especially at this time past ovulation. But then i look a my chart and winder if I ovulated later sk maybe i shouldnt. ddrink just in case.

    So sick of the waiting.
  7. Morning ladies! How's everyone doing?
    liliwhite - sorry it seems af is on the way, total bummer (BTW, I'm 36 so you're still a spring chick!) x x
    sleepy - good luck for next cycle. You seem so brave and positive. I have everything crossed for you that you're back on a 'baby thread' very soon. x x
    mariposa - good luck for Sunday. It's about blooming time that you got evicted off this thread! x x
    jellybean - sorry about your job....sure there's a better one just around the corner! I also understand the disappointment of not trying 100% at ov time, hoping you caught the eggy! x x
    moresparkles - are you testing again soon? x x
    toe - hiya lady! How's things? x x
    Hoping I remembered everything! I'm 10dpo I think, started a little spotting yesterday, so assume I'm out this month. Feeling a little gutted (ok a lot!) as was really hopeful for this month. Ahhh welll.......
    Love and luck ladies. x x x
  8. ((mariposa)) so sorry hunny. Crossed posts. Big hugs x x x
  9. ravenmoon - Grrr....don't you just hate our bodies! Maybe have a couple tonight and throw in a few lime-sodas to trick people. Hoping ov was a little late and your BFP is just around the corner. x x
  10. Tell me about it Miss B. That has made me LOL!!!! Oh well plenty of SoW to write this weekend to take my mind of stuff. We've also booked a BIG holiday for August so at the moment I can take advantage of the cocktails etc.....every cloud?
  11. Sorry Mariposa it all sounded so positive. I really hope it's your turn very very soon.
    Cheers Miss Bangles, it was all so early and i am still new to this TTC malarkey so hopefully its just a matter of time.
    Jellybean don't despair about the job, the right one is out there somewhere.
    I have no idea what CD I'm on or when i should have started counting from. Is it the first day i was bleeding or when my hormones went down to 0? either way I'm using the ov sticks again and there are no lines what so ever. I'm going to use the cheapy ones until i start getting darker lines then go back on to the more pricey digital ones with the easy to read smiley face. I have ordered some more ov and pg sticks so am all ready for the madness to commence again.
  12. Sorry Mariposa. Big hugs and Fx for next cycle.
    Sorry about the job Jelly.
    I like the positive attitude sleepy.
    Hello, and hugs and baby dust to everyone else.
    Since my temp dip on Thursday my temps have been elevated Friday and Saturday. Does that mean I have finally ov'd? New to all this temp charting! Keeping Fx if that is the case as we DTD Tuesday night, so might have just caught ov. If no AF by 7th July will test then, as that will be 14 days since temp drop.
  13. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    ((Mariposa & Jelly Bean)) Jelly - my hubby is annoying like that too; wants me to be subtle so he doesn't feel it's baby-making sex (although it usually is) but is too stupid to pick up on subtlty!
    I think I'm 5dpo today and have noticed no difference in anything so still all to play for I guess. I feel like we've given it our best shot yet this month, but equally I know we've dtd close to ov before to no avail, so who knows!
    Thanks for asking after me Miss B! You're so lovely! [​IMG] How are things with you hun?
    Can someone please switch off the rain! [​IMG]
  14. Here, here! Planned to work on the garden today - HA!
    Mariposa, sorry AF arrived.
    I'm on CD8, so expecting the CBFM to ask me to poas tomorrow. Still drinking water and am going to start making bowls of jelly!
  15. My husband knows he is being used for sex and seems quite happy about it!
  16. Cheers for messages girls......one day eh....
  17. He he, mine too. He's loving all the extra attention.[​IMG]
  18. He's not happy today though as he has to provide a sample tomorrow so can't partake in any naughtiness this weekend! Tomorrow he can though! [​IMG]
    On another note, fertility friend is now saying I have ovulated. I assumed Wednesday due to the temp drop, therefore putting me at 4 dpo, fertility friend says last Saturday, putting me 8dpo. Will see what the next week brings, might test next week now instead of the week after. Seems I am now on a 2ww! [​IMG]
  19. ravenmoon

    ravenmoon New commenter

    Good luck for a positive end to your 2ww!

    I am kind of on my second 2ww of the month as I thought I ovulated on day 15 but at 18 dpo no af and another negative test yesterday. FF says I could of ovulated on day 25 and if so I'm 8dpo as well!

    Don't know what's going on with my body but I figure until I get af its all to play for.

    I have bad back pain and cramping though. Beginning to get paranoid its my kidneys, I rarely get af back pain so do.t know the difference!
  20. Hi ravenmoon just butting in here but when I came off the pill I had the worst back pain every month just before AF, hadn't had it at all when on the pill. I still check on here for the bfps, good luck ladies! x

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