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Trying to conceive

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by TES_Bev, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. bettyboop82

    bettyboop82 New commenter

    Hi everyone, very strange cycle for me this month. Day 14 and no ewcm or ov pains, I usually have both from day 10 to 13. OH is only here for two more days before he's away with work again so really hope I've already ovd or will ov very soon! So frustrating! Have been dtd pretty regularly tho so fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!
  2. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    Don't worry about nappies! I knew nothing about babies before my LO arrived and after one night in hospital I knew just about all there was to know! You just have to say to the midwife that you'd like them to show you nappy changing, bathing etc and they happily show you x
  3. AF has just arrived and feeling really really low. Any advice? :(
  4. AF has just arrived and feeling really really low. Any advice? :(
  5. clarius85

    clarius85 New commenter

    Oh dear Suzie, try not to let it get to you too much. It can take a long time to get pregnant even when there are no complications. AF is the start of a brand new cycle! I'm sure lots of us have times when we feel this way. Now AF has come, take the opportunity to have a glass of wine. That's what I do when AF comes as I try not to drink at all in the 2ww. Hugs xx
  6. twelvty.weasels

    twelvty.weasels New commenter

    Sorry to hear you're feeling low Suzie. I agree, a wee glass of wine (and a bar of Galaxy?!) and look towards the next cycle. It is so hard, you're not alone with feeling like this at all. Take care x
  7. Hi Suzie, Sorry you're feeling pants but unfortunately Af does that- I think you feel **** anyway then you have the added disappointment of a 'failed' cycle. I would echo what others have said, treat yourself to something nice & tasty & remind yourself that it can take a long time to get pg & you're not doing badly at all. Remember to be kind to yourself as a stressed, anxious person will be less likely to conceive. Dust yourself off & just think it's another shot at the prize this month and try to have some fun whilst you try. Think more about enjoying yourselves than baby making & that may make things more enjoyable & maybe more fruitful?

    And yes I too do not know how to do up a nappy... even though I have a few friends now with tiny babies I'm kinda avoiding it for obvious reasons! Think it must be a bit like clearing up after your dog, you don't mind if it's your dog but you blimmin well mind if it's some other dog's mess that you've got to clean up! It's reassuring to Know CG that the midwives give you all those pointers if you're not sure. Those kind of things & knowing what to do are the sort of things I'd be scared about!

    Think I'm now on my 2 WW but am officially trying not to remember when my period is due etc. so I'm not getting my hopes up & jumping to each new thing in pant watch! DH has 2nd SA tomorrow, bless him, think he's been a bit tetchy due to the lack of 'release'!! Hopefully it'll be better news than last time as he's made a real effort with being healthier, fingers crossed!
  8. I just want AF to arrive now so I know where I am and can get on with things. Went to see M-in-law at the weekend and her dog paid special attention to me. He was humping my leg! Apparently he has only done it to pregnant women before...that of course raised lots of interesting conversation with the family! X
  9. Popsiebelle I feel the same! It has been 2 weeks and 4 days since m/c. We decided to try again straight away and not wait for a period. Tried using opk kits to predict when I was ovulating but so far negative.
    Dunno if I have missed it because I didn't bleed for very long and my body is like clock work when it comes to periods. They said 4 - 6 weeks until period so I'm probably just a bit premature, just frustrating not knowing.
    If we do get pregnant this month it will be due on my wedding anniversary.... Got to be some fate in that?

    Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays! It certainly makes dtd much easier!
  10. bettyboop82

    bettyboop82 New commenter

    Hi girls, sorry so many of you are feeling down, it's rubbish isn't it? I never imagined this ttc lark would be so all consuming... I'm in a similar position to you dalian, I have no idea if I'm in tww or not!! I usually use ewcm as a pre-ov indicator and ov pains to confirm but as we have dtd so much this cycle I don't know whether it was ewcm I saw or (tmi alert!!!!!!!......) semen!!! ?? I had the most crippling pain in ovary area yesterday which I've never had before so I don't know what's going on!! I'm trying not to be so obsessed with it all but it's so hard, especially as everyone I know seems to be pregnant at the mo! Good luck everyone xx
  11. Hello Ladies,
    Susie sorry your feeling low - I find some months are lower than others particularly if you have done everything at the right time and you still don't get anywhere.
    Popsie - my af arrived pretty much 4 weeks after mc but it was very light but I also had bleeding for 2 weeks in total during the mc. Hope you and the other ladies are coping ok after your loss.
    Well af arrived for me today so we are back on to ttc. It was quite nice to have a month off and not obsess over everything although I was very tempted around ovulation but knew I would regret potentially not being around at Christmas for LO1. My mum made a good point to me the other day and said that you won't get pregnant until the summer when you relax from work. She's probably right as the only 2 times I have been pregnant I have caught in the summer holidays. I just desperately wanted to be pregnant before my due date arrived as I felt that would somehow make the mc ok as I would have something else to focus on but maybe its better for me to deal with the imminent due date and then fall pregnant. I'm going to try and relax about it all (easier said than done) and if I do catch before the summer holidays great and if not go all out in the six weeks.
    Hope everyone else is doing ok. xx

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