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Discussion in 'Secondary' started by frustum, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    It's going to vary hugely depending on the affluence and aspirations of your pupils' families. It may also be affected by what else is on offer from the school: even in the most affluent areas, parents are unlikely to fork out for more than one residential a year, so if there are well-established trips in most year groups then you'll be competing with them.(On the other hand, if other trips are oversubscribed, that would bode well...)
    When I worked in a "poor" school, the ski-trip was only viable because it was open to all year groups, and went in termtime to get cheap rates. And it wasn't annual - some parents would only afford it once.
    Do you have a sixth-form and a decent cohort doing A-level? They may be considerably more interested as it might be useful UCAS form/interview material.
    Joint with other schools sounds like a good move, too.
  2. Yes my geog dept has run trips in the UK before, Dorset, Norfolk, Wales etc so I'm aware it takes quite a lot of organisation. Running our own trip to Iceland would be a nightmare! Wouldn't it?A trip company presumbably would be covered by Abta or whoever, isnt that important in the event of volcanic ash or something happening with the flights etc?
    Have spoken to a couple of teachers at other schools who rave about Iceland.Need to do some more research, but we've more or less got our hearts set on going there!


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