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Trip to NASA

Discussion in 'School trips' started by UKMoog, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. UKMoog

    UKMoog New commenter

    I have just returned from a weekend in the Lake District and one evening whilst waiting for the rooms to become quiet someone suggested a residential for our KS4 pupils to Cape Canaveral! We are a Science College and have been lucky enough to have NASA astronauts visit our school and give a presentation and it was commented on the next logical step was to visit there.
    I have had a hunt around some of the travel operators and there isn't a huge choice for this particular type of trip and I just wondered if anyone had done one before and could recommend a company and itinerary?

  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Not done this but have just returned from my 3rd trip to the USA (Chicago). I didn't use a company but did it myself.

    Cape Canaveral is a bit remote but Florida is a big resort for the UK and so flights and accomodation are plentiful. I have seen operators that do Disney over there but can't recall names.

    pm me if you want to chat about the US
  3. UKMoog

    UKMoog New commenter


    Need to prepare a proposal for SMT so once it all gets signed off and wheels start turning I will definitely appreciate some advice.

    Thanks very much,

  4. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    First thing to do is contact some school trip companies. PSL for one but there are others, someone in your school will have flyers arriving everyday from them.

    Put togther an outline itinerary such as

    a selection of dates, duration of visit (No of nights in the US).
    Places you want to visit (there is a fantastic national park right next door to CC with manatees etc in the river). Decide if you want to take in Disney or any other parks.
    No of students, No of adults
    The contact 2 or three firms and get prices.

    That will give you an idea if it is even feasible or affordable.

    Once you have this info and you still want to go then put the proposal to your SMT.

    Meanwhile look into planning it independently. Trailfinders are great at coming up with the cheapest flights, they will also arrange accomodation if you want. I will pm you with the name and email of the guy I deal with there. Your biggest problem will probably be transport if you do it independently however many of the hotels will do excursions and most other stuff is within easy reach within Orlando. A Small group could travel round in large taxis or you could hire a minivan (minibus to us) that will carry about 14 comfortably although you won't get luggage in it if it is full of people. I pais $99 per day for the van we hired including insurance.

    Another ploy could be to try and get a link with a school over there. If they do the hiring for you then they will get it tax exempt (saving about 10% of the cost) they may even supply you with a teacher to drive the bus with theunderstanding that you reciprocate when they travel to the UK.

    I can also give you a contact for really cheap but very good insurance through Zurich. They charge 50p per person per day for insurance in the USA! They do this at such a discount because they get so much business from Local Authorities.
  5. UKMoog

    UKMoog New commenter

    Aren't these new and improved ICT systems great ;)
    Thanks very much for all this - I had never really thought about doing a school trip myself, I usually rely on companies but I would guess this way would be cheaper as they don't take their cut! I've been told that Busch Gardens is near and worth a visit to link with work on environment and ecosystems and from what I have seen it isn't an option for package visits so going bespoke may be the way forward.
    Thanks again,

  6. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Busch Gardens is on the Gulf coast. Cape Canaveral is on the Atlantic coast. Google maps reckons 133 miles and at least 2 hours 35 minutes by road but I reckon it would take longer.

    About half way inbetween is Orlando and all the Disney/Seaworld stuff
  7. We took a trip to Orlando incorporating NASA, Disney Physics programmes, Universal studios physics programmes through Pinnacle travel - fantastic week away and our pupils still talk about it. I'd be happy to send you the name of our travel advisor.
  8. Hello,
    I realise this is an old post, but just came across it and it seems PERFECT!
    Would it be possible for you to send details of who you arranged it through and what sort of activities you did.
    Thanks in advance.
    Alun Roberts

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