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Trip To India

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by corainheaven, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. I am planning to visit India this year in summer vacation. I have heard about Boddha Gaya, and interested to have a view of place were Lord Boddha got enlighten. Can anyone of you provide me best way to reach this destination?
  2. To reach Boddha Gaya you need to first reach Patna. After that you need to take bus or train to Gaya. Once you reach Gaya from there you need to take transportation medium to reach this place. From Patna there are also direct route to Boddha Gaya for that you need to take bus or Taxi.
  3. largatona

    largatona New commenter

    I went to bodh gaya , it was fantastic and quite different from other indian cities. You need to take a train to Gaya , We stayed overnight in Gaya ( its a bit of a dump ) then the next day took a rickshaw to bodh gaya. Its about an hour away. You can buy train tickets on the internet . Put India mike in to google and it will direct you to a site with loads of advice.

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