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trip to Boulougne, pick your brains

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by wp72, May 20, 2011.

  1. Anybody been to any of these places? Any recommendations for visits for a year 7 group in or near Boulogne?

    St Joseph’s Village, Guines

    Les Chocolats de Beussent

    Becasuc Sweet Factory
  2. Anybody been to any of these places? Any recommendations for visits for a year 7 group in or near Boulogne?

    St Joseph’s Village, Guines

    Les Chocolats de Beussent

    Becasuc Sweet Factory
  3. We're doing a Boulogne trip and will be visiting the Nausicaa sea life centre. Looks good.
  4. cathy26_2001

    cathy26_2001 New commenter

    we went to Boulogne last July and did the chocolate factory in Beussent.
    the girls liked it and their little shop sells some seriously delish stuff.
    we also went to this cafe to have a demo on French pancakes and although the place was a bit weird again the girls enjoyed tossing their own pancakes in the air and helping with batter...
    this yr we are planning on going back to Beussent, do Becasuc and poss snail farm eh eh.
    we didnt bother with Nausicaa only because in the end the weather was so great we explored Boulogne pedestrian zone and to be honest they can go to London aquarium, but it was a personal choice.
    OH we also went to Wimereux market which was great for role play practice and the girls bought their little souvenirs there and yes I was earwigging to check they were speaking French.
    we cant wait to go bakc actually, we loved it
  5. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    been to Beussant - interesting, but not hands-on.
    Nausicaa is good.
    Packed lunch on teh beach next to Nausicaa is good.
    Walk around the ramparts and through the Old Town is good.
  6. Sweet factory is mildly interesting, but don't go there expecting a factory as such, more of a workshop type place. The St Joseph Village is quite quaint, possibly we enjoy it more than the kids but they always are fascinated by the old school room. They also do a good lunch for the kids- always jambon-frites which is suficiently French to satisfy us bent on education and yet not too "foreign" for our rather wary kids! We go to a funny little cafe in Boulogne for a crepe making session too- that's definitely worth consideration. Infact we do that these days instead of the sweet place.
  7. we were in Beussant last week. Interesting, but a bit pricey and we warned the pupils to save their money for the hypermarket.
    We walked around the ramparts at Montreuil and again in Boulogne - both went down well (and cost nothing).
    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the museum in Azincourt - a very "hands on" museum, lots of things to touch, feel, lift, explore - chance to have your photo taken in a suit of armour - and 3 videos all about the battle, including excerpts from Henry V. Our pupils are all in Year 7 - they enjoyed it and asked lots of questions.
    The promenade at Wimereux is great for a brisk, windswept walk.
    The Château-musée in Boulogne is free for pupils - lot of things to look at (but not particularly French).
    We do lots of geographical surveys while in Bolougne.
  8. Many thanks to all for the responses, which go to show me why I love the TES forum quite so much!


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