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Trip to Alahmbra (Granada) and Picasso Museum (Malaga)

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Adolfo, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Dear Dean,
    I am not very clear on what subjects you demand ideas. In Geography, History and other Humanities I think it is an ideal opportunity to compare the Muslim History of Spain and Granada to the nowdays situation in Islam world. It will make sense to your pupils imagine those centuries after the extension of Muslims in 8th century through Spain. If they have visited Spain previously they can contrast north Spain way of living to the south. Even we Spaniards feel it!
    If they learn Spanish they could find and apply the so many words, names and nouns, wth "AL" prefix, the most famous arabic heritage we have through language, naming, Al-hambra, Al-meria, al-manaque, al-berca....
    They could also research on food, our rich cuisine heritage: nothing to do with current fast food.
    And what about thinking: did they know that all ancient greek Philosophers masters were known in Western Europe thanks to muslims Spanish thinkers Averroes and Avicena which were translators from directly from the Greek. What would have been our Western Century without Plato and Aristotle in case they had not been copied and translated into Arab language? You could show them The name of the Rose movie.
    And my contribution. My hometown Almeria is near Granada -150 kms- and what about seein the set locations of Indiana Jones and the last crusade or Lawrence of Arabia?
    Best of luck, enjoy and understand!

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