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Trimming or shaving down below

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by notnigella, Dec 8, 2007.

  1. DO you *ahem* trim or shave your nether region ladies? Have had various discussion with (VERY) close friend about this and we wonder - do many women?
    Thanks *blushes and runs away from the laptop*
  2. BTW have been too embarrassed to post this before but was egged on by the hairy bottom thread!
  3. I'll be brave and answer since no-one else is.

    I trim and shave. I have a rather fetching Brazilian thanks to my Wilkinson Sword lady razor.

    Tried waxing once - hurt like hell so went onto shaving. Regrowth can get a little itchy at times, but it's been no probs for me...
  4. Yes, but I vary what I do - it's all been off, it's been partially off, it's been trimmed to nothing, it's been styled into funny shapes (a christmas tree one year - which went kind of wrong!) it's been left to grow ridiculously long, it's been waxed off...

    My best friend hates hair down there and shaves it all off all the time (she can't even bring herself to let it grow long enough to be waxed).
  5. aww thanks Mdamespin!
    Yes - itchy has been my experience. But seems more hygenic and have read helps to prevent thrush which I get alot.
    Thanks for replying. Anyone else and what do you use?
  6. Yeah, I find it helps with thrush... I just use a nice non-scented shaving gel and sit on the edge of the bath slightly straddled to reach all areas (hmm.. fetching image that is)

    I'm the same as sel's friend - I can't stand the stuff and love to be smooth with a small landing strip (as I believe it is called) - I'm sure that there will be people out there who think that is grim or anti-feminist of me or some such rot, but it suits me and makes me v happy!
  7. I like mine to be a big mass of hairy minge to be honest!
  8. Oh fnar fnar
  9. I've never had a problem with thrush, so cant say if it helps, but I do feel cleaner when it's all gone!
    I also use a shaving gel and my gillette venus divine and see how many random positions I can get into whilst trying to remove it all!

    Never really found it too itchy - but I was beginning to get a problem with ingrown hairs, so have let it to grow for a while now!

    Also I didn't find waxing particularly painful, and the regrowth was less stubbly - the problem is I don't plan in advance - if I've had enough of it, it gets the chop, there and then!!!
  10. Why do you think its fnar. There is nothing better in the world! saves u hassle, money etc. you can dreadlock the stuff fab!
  11. sel - for me, with the waxing, it was the bit afterwards when they have to pluck out the stray hairs...

  12. Sorry I have to share - I hate hair downstairs especially as mine seems to have tendency to grow back really quick. As I mentioned in my hairy bottom post I used to have it waxed by a hair removal genius. On my first waxing appointment she told me that being waxed can improve your sex life because having less hair can improve sensitivity. I have to say she was right! I know my OH prefers it neat and tidy either by waxing or hair removal cream and I feel sexier that way too. I just feel really self conscious otherwise and hate the hair poking through the underwear scenario!
  13. what does fnar mean?
  14. It's something that a guy in Viz says a lot - it's used to suggest that something is amusing in a rude kinda way or a double entendre..... Finbar Saunders his name way.

    Heightened sensitivity? Definitely!
  15. *his name was (not way)
  16. Well I used hubby's clippers! He does know! Didn't want to risk cutting or ingrown hairs so didn't go too short.
    Found the undercarriage a little tricky though!
  17. I have to say I thank my lucky stars that doing pilates has made me so flexible otherwise I'd find the undercarriage (*snigger*) rather difficult I imagine...

    Clippers though? Yikes! They scare me - once you get used to using a rzor it's fine - I never cut myself (which is a cue for me to do that next time I shave no doubt lol)
  18. yes..the clippers were hubby's idea and he um helped a bit - in fact he was rather keen! oh god...if i ever get recognised on here!! ...
  19. I'm also a fan of the 'landing strip' look! Really don't like having a full 'bush' but also don't like completely shaven - have tried it in the past but just looked and felt wrong to me. I have friends who have either extreme though - each to their own! :)

    I've never tried waxing - it's the thought of having to let the hair grow for a while that puts me off really (and the ouch factor a little of course!) I just shave, using shampoo or shower gel to make a lather first. I shave in the direction of hair growth and don't have problems with itching / soreness if I shave every day (or at least every other day) - it's more of a problem if I don't shave for a few days and then do, after which it can be a bit tender the next day (the same is true for my underarms - very bumpy and itchy if I leave them too long and then shave it all off. I think that maybe shaving every day sort of de-sensitises the skin to it?)
  20. Oh, and after shaving I sometimes trim the remainder just a wee bit too! :)

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