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Tricked into helping with college student's take home test

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by TwoLegsBaaad, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. So my boss schedule me an hour with a college student taking a statistics class. She came with a homework assignment that she was having trouble with. The assignment was quite difficult and skipped around topics. I kept asking her why the teacher was not following the course text and why he was skipping around in the textbook. I told her that it is helpful for students to have the textbook to refer to and it is difficult to be a student in a complex class like statistics when the teacher is making up his own assignments and wildly skipping around topics in the textbook. She said that is just how the teacher teaches his class.

    Well, as we were closing up, my boss divulged that I had actually been working on her take home test with her but that he hadn't wanted to tell me that. I am a little peeved about this. Not only is it wrong for me to be helping her with a take home test, but it made that hour a real headache for me as well because helping somebody with a statistic test that covers a variety of difficult topics is much harder than helping someone with a homework assignment that practices just one limited topic or unit in a textbook. When he told me that he had purposely not told me this, I was like, "What the hell! So not ok." I think she must have been purposely deceiving me as well. I went home and was just feeling like, "Why would you do that to me!?" Really, I feel sort of betrayed.
  2. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    I would put in writing that this is not acceptable. I am unsure whether a teacher who (knowingly) did something like this could be reported to the GTC, but either way, state it is against your principles and that you will refuse to teach them again if they repeat this behaviour. I would also tend to go with your lesson plans, obviously as a tutor you have to be flexible but this behaviour is taking the...
  3. Yeah, I am definitely not going to teach her again. I am not in the UK, but, yes, I did wonder if I could get into trouble. I mentioned that concern to him and his eyes got wide. Apparently, he didn't even think of that. I am also not going to help college students anymore without interrogating them about what they are working on.

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