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Tribes around the world?

Discussion in 'Geography' started by hdavis1, Sep 19, 2010.

  1. Hi, I am trying to organse an arts week and have decided to give each group a tribe which they will base their week around.
    I would like 5 tribes (from different countries) which are interesting... for example the Zulu tribe are known for their beautiful beads, baskets and carvings and love to dance.

    Can you think of any tribes which I would be able to use?
  2. Maybe some of the tribes Bruce Parry has lived with? The BBC Tribe website is still available.
  3. Maori - NZ. Interesting masks and pounamu carvings.
  4. Hi there,
    Have a look on this website:
    They are a very well known organisation, and if you scroll down this page there is a list of tribes in the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australasia, which links to information on each one.
    Sounds like a good project! Enjoy!
  5. This is an Amazon tribe in Brazil but has great detail on all aspects of their life.


    I have used this with year 8 classes and we look at the similarities between their lives despite the lack of what many students consider necessities (e.g. ipod, mobile phones etc.)
  6. There are many tribes you found in different countries. I have little information about the mishing tribe in Assam, India. This is one of the most interesting tribes in Assam. The people and culture of this regions are have their different culture and traditions. This is one of the famous tribe in assam.

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