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Treated like a trainee teacher

Discussion in 'Primary' started by s0700452, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. I am in my second year of teaching and I am still getting treated like a trainee teacher. All the teachers seem to view me as incapable and never really give me any responsibilities.
    I guess I have brought this on myself because I am not the most assertive person and I do lack in confidence. There is a senior management position going and a member of staff said laughing 'I vote you do it' as if that would be really funny because I am not able to do it.
    When ever someone wants to know what is going on in my year group they ask the other teacher in the year group, never me.
    I thought it might be because of my age (24) but there is another teacher who is 25 and started the year before me who doesn't get treated like this. She is a very good teacher and seems to get more respect from the staff. Maybe I reading too much into this.
    Is this normal? Do I need to step up my game?
  2. I would hope trainee teachers aren't treated in any negative way!
    It's a bit difficult to answer on the information you've given.
    Perhaps this member of staff is just tactless or didn't realise how you might take their words to heart. I certainly wouldn't have been willing or ready to take on SMT position in my second year so I don't think it was a criticism
    What sort of queries? Who is that other teacher? Have they been at the school longer? Perhaps people are more used to going to them.
    My gut feeling on the examples you have given is that you might be! It does take time to become an established member of staff and you're only in your second year of teaching. I found it a really useful time to consolidate my in-class skills, becoming more involved in the life of the 'whole school' later in my career. If you're are a quiet personality and/or the school isn't used to new teachers then maybe people think they are helping you out by not putting additional pressure on you.
    What specific things would you like people to do differently? You mentioned staff coming to you for infromation to do with your year group- anything else? Could you talk to SMT about it, maybe in performance management? It will help if you can give specific examples. Do you have a subject to coordinate? could you use that? e.g. in a staff meeting, "I have loads of great new Geography books, please come and ask me if you need anything. Jemima, I know you're doing a topic on rivers next term, there's a great resource I could show you" etc. Or ask your year group partner if you could take the lead on something next term, especially if it's something visible with parents/whole school (e.g. leading an assembly, trip etc)


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