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Travelling for Placements

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by joey81, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. joey81

    joey81 New commenter

    I currently live in Bristol and have arranged my Level 1 placement after February half-term for 5 weeks. As I understand it I must do my Level 3 placement at the same school. I have not yet begun to arrange my Level 2 placement and have not found a definite school to take me.
    Unfortunately we have had several recent bereavements and me, my partner and our children (1 and 6) all need to move up to Lincolnshire to be near my mum and sister (autistic) as soon as possible.
    I intend to do my Level 1 placement as arranged in 2013 but then I'm considering my options. I can find a school in Bristol and do my Level 2 placement here (schools are hard to find in this area). I can then do my Level 3 placement with the first school (if they want me back!) in the autumn term of 2013.
    However, I am considering moving up sooner as my partner isn't happy in his job and as I'm going to be living up there I would like to get my foot in the door with a school in the area. It would mean finding a Level 2 placement in Lincolnshire and then spending 10 weeks in Bristol only returning at weekends to Lincolnshire. I have family I can stay with a lot of the time so only travel costs will be an issue and occasional hotel stays but I do have a bursary. The questions I have are:
    • Do you HAVE to do the Level 3 placement at the same school? For example perhaps the school closes or something else unforeseen happens, is it possible to use a different school?
    • I know I have 2 young children, I'm used to juggling things around a lot(!), but has anyone done this or similar themselves or can you see a way it could work? Or would you recommend we stay in Bristol until 2014?
  2. You must talk this all through with your tutor at Bristol. I think it is extremely unlikely that you would be able to do a placement so far away from your host university. There is a lot for the universoity to consider e.g. partnership arrangements, familiarity with the course structure, rules and regulations for the host school. These are also things that OFSTED will inspect and so, most universities willnot let trainees arrange placements outside their partnership. I suspect that the best solution is to delay moving until placments etc are complete.
    The Sage
  3. joey81

    joey81 New commenter

    Ah should have mentioned, I'm doing the PGCE through the Open University :) We have to organise our own placements so I'm managed to do some experience days with 2 schools down here. One is a private school and hasn't had any trainees for a few years, we're not sure why but I'll see if they can take me for Level 2 if I decide not to move.

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