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Travel system recommendations??

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by weebecka, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. We had a cheap stage 0 carrier from mothercare (about £20) and just moved babies from the buggy to the car seat. It can mean waking baby but that really didn't happen very often and if they were tired they went back to sleep.
    After about 3 months your clip off car seat stays in the car anyway.
    Because we didnt' have a clip on car seat, our buggy was much smaller, so was quick and easy to fold, carry and sling in the car. It was just big enough to have a decent shopping basket...
    Total cost about £120.
    Don't spend loads on a travel system unless:
    you're sure it'll work well and either
    you're loaded or grandma is paying or you just want to!

    No panic - you can spend the next four months deliberating [​IMG]

  2. I just googled the apple/pear thing and am uncharacteristally impressed!!!
    So many combinations though.....
    Just like a previous poster though, I'd only suggest spending lots of money on a travel system like that if you have a lot of money to spare.
    With our first child, we had no cash at all and got a MacClaren Techno-style stroller for less than £100 (seemed like a fortune!). Suitable from birth and perfectly cosy. Babies don't need flashy travel systems - it's purely marketing to extract money from parents.
    We now have 3 kids, and have a Phil and Teds - if you are going to have a couple of kids no more than 2-3 years apart, then one of these would be a good investment like the apple. Just infinitly simpler!!!
    Also through our 3 kids I have never ever missed not having a travel system. The same car seats have been used for all 3 of them, and i have rarely removed the baby bucket-seat thing from the car. They are heavy in themselves and hard to lift as the baby gets heavier.
    The other thing I have mentioned in buggy discussion here before, is that most people (Chica is an exception!) abandon their travel system and buy a much more practical stroller sometime between 6 and 12 months (the maclarens). They fold far more easily, and fit in shops/buses/trains/planes etc etc. You'll be really struggling carrying a carseat and baby by 6 months so the car seat will stay in the car.
    Happy shopping though!!
  3. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    lol. I like to be an exception! Since we have to keep our pram in the car anyway, we may as well use the icandy. If we lived in a house and had a garage, i'm sure we'd be using a stroller by now. We do have a stroller, but my MIL has had it for ages.
    I was lucky because my parents bought the pram for us. I think my mum nearly had a heart attack when she saw the price! I'm sure they were a hell of a lot cheaper when I was born!
  4. I'm currently looking at the iCandy Cherry! Like the Apple too but i've only got a small car!

    Hope everything is going well

  5. would a travel system fit into a yaris?
  6. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My friend has a Yaris and her icandy cherry fits into it. I had a Polo before i changed my car, and the icandy apple fitted into the boot with no problems.
  7. I'm an Apple lover too! On balance I would say we possibly haven't used the carrycot/ pushchair seat enough at the moment for it to be worth the phenomenal cost; however we got it as a gift from various people's clubbed together money. I have the maclaren techno too and when i use it i miss my Apple lots: the sturdiness of it, ease of steering (even though it's much bigger it steers so much better), the HUGE shopping basket at the bottom, the fact that you can hang bags on the handle without it falling when you get baby out, the cosiness of the pushchair seat with insert and cosytoes. We have just been on hol with the maclaren and I can't wait to take LO out in the Apple as I've missed it so much! Oh and the clip on car seat has always been an absolute godsend!! You don't have to wake them from naps and they can go from car to shops and car again without even noticing; ideal for quick trips so you don't have to unstrap/strap in etc. Very convenient if you have the easifix base; carseat pops on, and pops off in a second! Having been to buy her a new car seat, we were told that she was still OK and much much safer in the infant carrier (at the mo; buying her a bigger car seat tomorrow) so we have really got our money's worth out of it as she is 1 in a couple of weeks! Yes it's getting heavy but I'm still managing to get it in and out of my 3 door car now that she's about 22/23 lb (weighing her tomorrow too!) I would heartily recommend a travel system if you can afford it. the only downside is that it is big and fits in my car with not much space for anything else!
  8. We have the Apple and I think it's great. It's very sturdy (probably one of the heaviest prams you can buy - which can be a good or bad thing for different people), so easy to manoeuvre and folds down a treat. The base fits in the boot of our tiny second car too (the back wheels pop off easily) ! We used the carrycot for the first six months and now use the pushchair which is so cosy and comfy for LO (who is 8 months old now). I predict we'll be using it for a long time to come - there's lots of room to grow. One of the other attractions for us was the fact that it converts easily into a double (Pear) and has a good size basket underneath (unlike some similar prams).
  9. REEEEALLY?! Why on earth did I not know this? Might have made my life a bit easier this past year!! How do you do it Mariposa?
  10. BTW we stopped using our carrycot when she was about 4 months or so as she hated lying flat and kept doing mini sit ups trying to see out! It was fine when she was asleep obviously but she is a very nosey wakey baby!
  11. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    So did we, or just before, because he was too long for it!
    When you upgrade to the pear you get a brand new carry cot and 2 new seat bits. I'll just keep the carry cot for baby no. 2 to sleep in if she's in the lounge maybe.
  12. Ha ha I can't believe you didn't know this!! There are 2 flat black levers right next to the back wheels (on the top of the bar that goes between the 2 wheels) . Just lift and pull them off!
  13. Anyone know how much it costs for the upgrade to a Pear?
  14. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Just under £400. You get a carry cot, 2 seats, bigger wheels etc. I'm going to get the upgrade in Feb half term so will let you know exactly!
  15. Thanks mariposa! Will try it and see if i can fit the seat unit plus wheels in my car cos at the moment I bloody well can't and the seat has to go on back seat!! Was thinking about buying a new car but can't afford it so will have to get by with the one we've got- not such a hardship really. Very much hoping to have to upgrade my Apple at some point his year though and sure that wouldn't fit in the boot!! :-D
  16. I mean boot of course
  17. Hoping to have baby #2 soon clematis?!? How old is your LO? Mine is 8 months. I've started thinking about baby #2 but not ready just yet! Think I'd like him to be a year old before we start trying again. Chica - £400 seems a bit excessive but I guess you get a lot for that.... Didn't realise you needed a whole new carrycot & seats but of course thinking about it yes you would. I suppose they are smaller than the Apple ones?
  18. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    It's basically a whole new pram really on the original chassis! Most decent double prams are the same price, and i don't like the wider ones.
    We started trying when our little boy was one, and got pregnant when he was 14 months. He'll be 22 months old when this one is born.

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