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Discussion in 'Geography' started by hippychick100, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Tourism concern provide lots of resources www.tourismconcern.org.uk. Particularly good for the impacts of tourism around the world. I was part of a pilot group that trialed a new resource pack that they have produced on impacts of tourism. It is excellent. Have a look on their site and see if it is available. Think it is £10??? If not let me know and maybe I can photocopy some of the resources as a flavour of what it includes.

    I have just taught a similar unit for OCR. I focussed on the following too:

    1. 2012 Olympics London- this will have a major impact on tourism
    2. Stansted airport expansion (environment/economic)
    3. Sands developmnent in Scarborough
    4. Bluestone development in Pembrokeshire Wales- lots of environmental concerns about building in national park
    5. I also contacted our local council and got in touch with tourism officer who gave us information about local tourism development issues
    6. Also looked at climate changes/carbon footprint. Looked at tour operators/airlines and what they are doing to minimise their impact, particularly environmental.

    There is loads out there, but do not be too reliant on a text book as it seems this is a rapidly developing area.

    My email if you want any other ideas/share resources. I am particularly looking for GCSE level stuff


  2. Tourism Concern's just brought out a new teaching resource which has current case study material in it. This latest one, Water for Everyone, is aimed at the Secondary Geography sector but actually lots of the activities and images could be used by travel and tourism educators. It's freely accessed via their website - just google Tourism Concern. Or you can search for it under KS4 people/ tourism in the TES resources.
    Alison Stancliffe
  3. You may like to check out our free resources section at www.tandtpublishing.co.uk, where we also have a Responsible Tourism eBook to download under the 'BTEC Level 3 eBooks' section.
    Best regards Ray Youell, Editorial Director, Travel & Tourism Publishing Ltd.

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