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Travel and Tourism BTEC First unit 2 Contribution to UK economy

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by cb700, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. cb700

    cb700 New commenter

    Hi I am teaching unit P2 at the minute to a low ability year 10 group. Has anyone got any fun or easy activites to explain what the economy is and what GDP is. Any help please!
    ssess the contribution of tourism to the UK economy"
  2. <font size="2">You may find our new Fun Exercises for Level 2 Leisure, Travel & Tourism eBook useful. Full of exercises for students (and answers for tutors) mapped to the current specifications. Full details at </font>www.tandtpublishing.co.uk<font size="2">, where you'll also find details of our free online resources. </font>
    <font size="2">Best regards Ray Youell, Editorial Director, Travel & Tourism Publishing Ltd.</font>

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