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trapped and stressed.

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by phoebe14, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. This sounds awful. My instant reaction, not knowing sufficient in cases like this to advise, would be to see your GP and see if you could be signed off with illness to let you take stock.
    Maybe try to objectively look back at the lesson observations and see what was found 'not good' so that you could address those things. Perhaps a friend or previous colleague could help you.
    If redundancy has been offered, maybe it's simply a case of there being insufficient money and trying to get rid of those last in...
    I would also go back to my union rep too and speak to them - is this the school one or the area rep? Go for the area one or phone the union direct.
    Good luck and thinking of you.
  2. Thanks, the redundancies are across the school due to insufficent intake next year. VR just wasn't possible due to not being able to take another job for september and not having enough money offered to cope for the months I would have to wait to get a teaching job.
    We are now waiting to hear who has to be made redundant now as only half of the staff needing to go volunteered. I'm kinda hoping I'm chosen, even though I am told by my union rep that this is unlikely as i work across two areas and they would not want it to look like they were making me redundant because of proceedures.
    I'm told sigining off is not an option as it will not look good for the competancy or for future employment, which I agree with.
    I am working closely with the area rep, who is the one who has told me not to go off sick or resign. He feels I can pass the proceedures.
    i know exactly what has been noted as 'Not good' on the observations but these change each time. They are also things i had never had a problem with in other schools. Half of the problem was that i got so nervous during ob lessons that I forgot what I was doing and missed easy basic things i do everyday in my lessons.
    Thanks for your thoughts

  3. Well, it takes a lot and I mean a lot for a career to disappear! Your union rep is right, stick with it.
    They will try and wear you down but just grin & bear it, there is nothing else you can do. It does not help being told that you are not the first to go through this, neither will you be the last, but unfortunately that is the case! In five years down the line all this will be a vague memory, it will stay with you but it will fade.
    As regards what happens to you on a day to day basis, talk to someone outside of school, preferably not in teaching, it will give you a different perspective on the issue. Do not give up your playtimes, do what planning is necessary to get you through the day. If there are structures within the school for controlling behaviour, use them, log when & why you do & the outcomes. Leave an hour after your school day finishes, ie, 4.30 ish and just take a step back from all the stress. Try to roll with the criticism, it is usually petty, bureaucratic nonsense anyway.
    As regards pupil misbehaviour, it was probably there before you arrived and will probably be there long after you have gone. From what you have written, it seems that the problems are more to do with those who are within the restructuring process looking to be seen as saviours of the school than anything else.
    Easter soon....rapidly followed by summer!
  4. <u>Hi there</u>
    hang on in there until Easter, and think about going back to supply - somewhere out there will be a school that will appreciate your hard work - all the very best of luck!
  5. well Supply isnt a way forward, its not regular enough andmany schools in this area use cover supervisors. AnywayI have to stay till at least september now and then make a decision. No matter what the competency will follow me on my file for 2 years
  6. To be honest with you, the biggest mistake I made was not resigning in september, as then I was only on informal support stages and it would have avoided all this.
    I really feel there is no point fighting it, as there will always be something they will pick me up on if they wanted to.
    One rule for them, one for me, my HOD uses rubbish Objectives I would never get away with and of course only showcases the best work, when I have to showcase my whole group, so guess who looks better in it all?
    At the moment I hate everything and feel like im litterally crawling towards the easter holidays.

  7. I don't know who you are told this by but this is rubbish. First of all, stress kills. Yes, people die of it. Taking care of yourself must be your top priority. I'd wait now till Easter , go back for a few days and then get signed off for a month at least.
    The competency procedure thing will stay on your records for 2 years, whereas it is illegal to ask how many days you missed because of illess in the last 12 months, so I see no point in worrying about what time off sick could do to your employment record.
    On a completely different note, and this is just curiosity, as I know nothing about art: what could be the problem with the quality of your work?! Is it not the kids' work that gets marked etc? Do they expect you to draw, paint etc. for them? Or what is this about? And yes, you have a strong point with your portfolio: if it was good enough for interview, it should be good enough for now, too.
    In any case good luck and let us know how things go if you can.
  8. I think the reason I was told not to sign off sick was that it would make me look weak and not help the case against me. also I guess the proceedures would still be there when I go back.
    My HOD says the quality of work produced by the kids isn't good enough. I've never been told this before, in my previous 5 schools it has been they either do good work or they dont, if they dont it's their fault.
    I think the only way at the moment is to toe the line and try to reproduce the quality of work that my HOD gets from the kids.
    thanks for everyone's thoughts
  9. Look, they are feeding you rubbish - don't eat it. Whether you pass or fail competency has to be judged against factual criteria (otherwise you cold take them to tribunal). "Looking weak" is not among the criteria. Neither does being off sick mean that you are weak. Anyone can be ill and anyone can succumb to stress. "Looking" this way or that way is neither here nor there.
    Can your HoD teach your kids then and see if their work is better? It's the kids' work, for G-d's sake! What does your union say to this particular argument?
    Exactly. You can lead a horse to... etc.
  10. Thats part of the problem I think. My HOD taught some of my classes last year and feels they got better results......I just obviously can't get them to respond in the same way :(
  11. And who judged their attainment? Was it the HOD by any chance? You can make pupils enjoy art or express themselves well, but you can't necessarily make them good at it!!
  12. yes it was my HOD, we recently had a meeting to discuss quality fo work. I can see the Quality they produce is better than in my lessons and so can SLT sadly.
  13. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    Going off sick won't stop any of this and at some point you would have to return. You could still take a couple of days off if you need to to give yourself time to think.
    I believe that you don't have to put absences on the application form, but I'm sure it has been said that it will go on your reference as time off. Middlemarch is a good person to ask.
    You can ring/email teacher support line and talking about this to someone might help.
  14. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    Have you observed him teach your class? How much 'support' is he actually giving the children.
  15. I have observed my HOD once in a vey nice 'show lesson.' one thing which i notice is that my HOD does a lot of copying from sheets, something which I have never done and still dont. For example, when doing portraits my HOD taught proportion from a sheet and grid system, I taught it from a step by step, measuring with measure tapes and using mirrors system as I believe it to be more challenging.
    One of the things mentioned was use of tone. Although I teach it and have done for many years, I don't seem to be able to get the same results as my HOD, no matter how hard i try.
  16. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    Amount of days off will make a difference to many employers whether it was sickness or not.
    A lot can happen if you take 6 months off. One of them is capability for absence.

  17. Torey

    Torey Occasional commenter

    Thanks. Don't ever regret not doing more. The best revenge is to live well and enjoy your new start.
  18. Sorry to hear this D_L but do not loose your self confidence. A friend of mine went thru' the same and eventually left the school. She is second in department now in another school and the "Golden Girl". From inadeq. to outstanding in 6 months. The new school is an Ofsted Outstanding school, too, Oh, and the old one - on notice to improve! Hang on there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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