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Transparency in tender process

Discussion in 'Governors' started by lola79, Jan 26, 2016.

  1. lola79

    lola79 New commenter

    Hi, to illustrate my board's situation, we are lucky enough to receive LA financial help for the construction of a new building. We will share costs, and need to take out a significant loan for our share. In a meeting, it became apparent that as the LA were taking charge of the organisation of the project, the school was excluded from the tender process.

    As a board we have requested sight of a tender report, to include the scope of the contract, as well as an analysis of each tender received, the criteria for evaluation, any negotiations that followed, the reason for rejecting any unsuccessful tenders and the reason for recommendation. The reason for this is we feel that we are responsible for value for money for the school's expenditure, as well as wanting to make sure that the specification fits the needs of the school. We don't want to repeat the tender process, we just want to know what is going on.

    We have been given a flat 'no' to these requests, and the council say that the tender has been done by their own processes, which satisfy council regulations. The reason given for refusal is that the info is commercially sensitive. The tender report is a construction industry standard practice - why is the spending of taxpayers money so very different? We are the client. We have even offered to sign a confidentiality clause.

    Do we have a leg to stand on? I would love to know thoughts of other more experienced governors as soon as possible, please!

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