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Transition Process - Reception to KS1

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jameswalker12, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Does anyone have any good ideas on how to ease the transition process for children coming into KS1 from reception (sorry I'm a new teacher!)? I have some nice activities to do in the first couple of days and I expect the transition period to last for around one month. In this time my idea was to shorten lesson time and have some activities set up for the children to do after they've finished their work i.e. playdough, drawing, games, lego etc. Gradually lesson time will increase slowly.
    I'm interested to know how other teachers manage the transition period and activities they do with their class?
    Any suggestions you have will be greatly apprecitated.
  2. Why not try structuring your Y1 class more like EYFS all the time? I have Reception, Y1 and Y2 together and we have a mixture of formal teaching and 'choosing' (ie child initiated) all the time and for all chidlren. Start the day with carpet time input for all (differentiated) then onto group activities. I will teach each group every day for one area and my TA does the same , then Y1 and 2 children will have another directed independent task (goes up to 2 or even 3 other tasks as the year goes on) - other time is their own (eg I doi everyones maths through the day, TA does topic, independent Literacy). I just remind Y1/2 children theat they have certain jobs to be done, and at the beginning of the year tend to st targets eg 1 job before playtime, 2 before lunch etc so that they get the balance between child intitated activity and directed tasks. As the year goes on I find that they quickly get the idea and are usually very motivated and choose to do an independent task to 'get it done' so they maximise the choosing time they have later. Any that dont just need a gentle reminder.
    We do this through right to the end of Y2 and my SATs results are always above the local and national average overall, so its not a problem for acheivement either.
    In terms of transition I do have the advantage that my children dont change classes between Rec and Y1, but perhaps rather than thinking of the two as completely different entities, you could get smoother transition by just looking at the change in learning objectives between the two years/key stages rather than timetables. As far as I know, alhough EYFS states certain requirements in terms of provision and timetable, this is not the case for KS1 - therefore providing your head/management are supportive ( and being confident and then proving it works goes a long way towards getting this support), you cna structure your Y1 class any way you choose - so your idea of 'staged lesson lengths' is one option...I would just advise considering why you think you need to have much longer lessons for Y1 than Rec - the children are only a few weeks older and they still learn in practical, investigative ways. Don't stress too much about what you might have seen others do - talk to the Reception teacher so you knwo what the class are used to, and then try and balance this with what you feel comfortable with.

    Good luck!
  3. flapfish

    flapfish New commenter

    I teach a pure Y1 class and organise it like EYFS too. You just have to be a bit creative to make sure you cover the curriculum, but it is doable and we have found that it has been very effective, especially with boys. We do this right to the end of the year although obviously the children become able to sustain concentration and to work more formally as the year progresses. Our Y2 have introduced more features such as role play, work shop and construction areas too to ease transition. We have not seen a dip in attainment and the children are very happy.
  4. I have just taken over the year 1 class could you give me any pointers how to set this up for EYFS have asked at school and no one seems to know . thanks. Sue.
  5. Read Moving on to key Stage 1: Improving transition from the Early Years Foundation Stage by Julie Fisher. Fantastic book.
    The EYFS documentation is online at the DfE website.
    Speak to your recpetion teacher about the EYFS as they should be working to this. Also if you have an Early Years Specialist (? might be called something else) at your local education department for advise too.
    Also do a forum search on TES!!
  6. Hi Marioleone...I'll happily send you some planning, enhancement and constant provision sheet examples from the KS1 National Curriculum.
    I run a totally EY style year 1 all year too. Pretty pure this 1/2 term, then I add lots of adult led tasks, then 'jobs' that are adult directed (not optional) and completed either independently or with an adult.
    It's a fantastic way to teach and engage a large group of Y1's...and it works well in Year 2 too.
    Just message me your email address :0)
  7. This is an old thread that is still generating lots of chat...might be worth a read. There's lots of EY style Y1's out there :0)
    "Year 1 Transition"

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