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Transition of SEND child to School Nursery

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Emma_2507, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. Emma_2507

    Emma_2507 New commenter


    This is possibly going to sound like a daft question but is there anything I should be doing prior to having a child with Down’s syndrome start at my school nursery? They have accepted a part time 15 hours place for September.

    As far as I am aware the parents are in the process of applying for an EHCP and will name the school on there. I have spoken to the school’s SENDCO today and they have told me that this was all that needed to be done and that the school can do nothing more until we receive the EHCP through, meaning that the child will be unable to start in September if we do not receive this as we have no spare staff to be 1:1 support. Although I have a good few years of teaching under my belt I have never yet taught a child with Down’s syndrome and want to make sure that I am providing the best possible support for the child and parents, especially with things not being “normal” at school due to covid. I’ve tried to ask for guidance but don’t feel like I’ve had much!

    Are there any questions that I need to ask you parents before starting? Any extra steps that we could be taking to support?

  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    Down syndrome affects each individual differently, so I think you will need to speak with the parents to understand what support will be needed. You can expect the child to be smaller than an average child of their age, and developmentally delayed to some level, including speech. He/she may have issues with vision or hearing.
  3. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    Has the child been attending any preschool before lockdown? Obviously things are different this year, but we would have visited the preschool to get some idea of the child. If they have attended, can you get some info from their staff about the child's favourite activities and their ability.
    As another poster said they are very likely to have speech delay and may be learning Makaton to help communication. If you don't know any it might be worth learning a few signs. It would be useful to find out a bit more from the parents. I'm sure they would appreciate you taking the time to make sure you can meet their child's needs as best as possible. What is happening with transition and meeting parents before hand. It would be good if you could at least have a telephone chat. As with all children with special needs they are all individual. Some Downs children continue all the way through mainstream school, the little girl I had only did Nursery and Reception but then transferred to a MLD school. Due to a complete lack of speech her favourite thing was to pull other children's hair to get their attention! She always did it with her lovable smile though and the others were very accepting of her.
    Also just remembered our little one had delay with gross motor skills as well so needed support walking on our grassy area where there was a very gentle slope.
    I expect you will get support from speech and language and occupational therapist. They came in quite regularly giving us the next things to work on

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