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Transition Morning Ideas...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Milk_no_Sugar_Thanks, Jun 3, 2008.

  1. Going to my new school in July for a transition morning - only used to having a half hour chat!!! Any ideas how I can fill a whole morning with my September class.

    My class rules and targets is out as I always do that as first few lessons in September.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. What about some 'getting to know you' activities? (hopes, dreams, siblings, pets, favourite colour, favourite food)
    What age are they?
  3. That would have been useful to include.

    Year 3.
  4. I did a themed day on 'Time' last year for year 5s moving to year 6's, it worked well and I still have all the work I prepared for the booklet.
  5. How about a fun art idea that you can then put up as a display for September? I have done tangrams before, for example. Immediately the children feel valued cos their work is already up.
  6. Can I have a copy of your time booklet - I am sure it may give me some ideas.

    Many thanks


  7. Ooh, thianks for asking, it's sent.
  8. EBD35

    EBD35 Occasional commenter

    Hi is there any chance I too could see your booklet. I am always interested in transition ideas/activities. I will happily send you something in return ;o)
  9. EBD35

    EBD35 Occasional commenter

    and it would help if I included an email wouldn't it!!!
    mhf_35 at hotmail dot com
  10. EBD35

    EBD35 Occasional commenter

    Iw will try and remember to send you some things this evening if I don't please nudge me :eek:)
  11. akimbo

    akimbo New commenter

    I'd go along with previous posters ideas -re getting to know you/ready made display.
    I do this by getting the children to design a shield divided into 4 showing -family, hobbies etc

    Jazzin about could I have a peep at your time stuff please?
  12. Thanks for asking, all sent - I hope!
  13. I get them to fill in an 'all about me booklet' people I work well with, what I want to be when I grow up, most embarrassing moment, top 5 loves / hates, If I was king/queen for a day I would etc.
    They draw a self portrait on the front and I put them up as a display ready for the first day back.
    To introduce it I tell them somne similar type facts about myself.
    They always love doing this and then seeing it on the wall helps give them ownership of their new classroom.
    It also is a great way to fill up a godd hour.
  14. Hi Jazzin

    Could I be cheeky and ask for a copy of your time booklet too please?

    Many thanks

  15. I get mine to decorate a large jigsaw piece with self-portraits/interests etc, and then put the jigsaw up as a display with a title along the lines of 'We are individuals but we fit together to make a class'.
    It makes a attractive display and fills a board.
  16. ooo I love the jigsaw thing!
  17. I love both the other ideas from posts 16 and 18. I have to say that my 'Time' theme is academic and it was for a particularly bright class. Happy to send it if anyone else is interested, would be grateful of any feedback.

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